Utopista Giveaway Prize :)

I just wanted to post about the prize I got from Utopista's 100 follower giveaway and give a bit of a preview on the things I'll be posting about in the future.


Darn those Urban Decay loose eyeshadows. You better believe I depotted the suckers into 3 gram jars because the packaging is super clunky. I've never tried Dawn Eyes Cosmetics, Tick Tock Cosmetics, or Cinnamon Cosmetics before so they'll be be fun to try. I've been trying to stay on a low buy so this came at a time where I needed some blogging inspiration!


Thank you Sammi for being so kind and generous in your giveaway :) Check out her blog here if haven't ever read it yet!


  1. How fun! I agree about those UD pigments. Love the colors, but the packaging is the WORST. Have fun with your new stuff!

  2. Great prizes! Can't wait to see reviews on them in the future ^^


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