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This post is a bit late but I hope you find it useful and will like being introduced to someone you may already read or watch!

New Favorite Youtuber/Blogger

Let this picture of Dustin lure you into the post.

dustin hunter

I've been watching Dustin from DustyoHunter for a while now but I don't think I've expressed my exuberance for him properly. He mainly does review and swatch videos on his channel along with tutorials. I absolutely positively love his video style. He's said that he has stylized his videos similar to the way Alton Brown does his show Good Eats and I'm a huge Alton Brown fan so of course I'd like him.

In this day and age, most Youtubers are a dime a dozen, especially beauty youtubers. What I like the most about his videos is how high quality everything is and how planned out they are. He also tends to pack a lot of entertainment and information into a video while keeping it fun to watch. The videos are professionally done and I believe he scripts his videos before recording but it still maintains a sense of casualness without the excessive "ums" and filler words.

His Tarte for True Blood video is the perfect example to show how much effort he puts into his videos. In addition to reviewing and showing swatches of the collection, he did two mini tutorials off of two characters in the show. He doesn't post every week or so because of the time it takes to do each video but all of his older ones are nice to watch.

Of the things I like the most though, I'd say its his ability to make me look at cosmetic brands a different way. He reviews Estee Lauder quite a bit and I think it's all too easy now to associate the brand as catering to an older generation (don't know why I think that, I just do) but his reviews and swatches make me think differently. That and I think he's probably the only guru I've seen on youtube talking about Aveda anything.

If you're going to watch only one of his videos, make it this one. You'll laugh your face off.

You can also check out his review blog here.

Must Read Posts

I'm pretty sure I'll have a link to one of Anna's posts every time I do one of these but can you blame me?

I'm so glad Lady in a Top Hat is posting again! (I hope at least). She is my swatch inspiration.

I only recently found Sandra's blog but I loved this look (and her eye shape) so you should check her out!

Shut up and take my money!(woot woot for Futurama references)

A super super pretty look with one of my favorite eyeshadows!

I'm not into pinks or light purples but I want these just because they're awesome (Tell her I sent you :)!)

This is a rather interesting experiment, I know I would just like to be left alone so I'm hoping that this is happening already in the US!


  1. thanks for sharing this (:

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  2. Thanks so much for mentioning me, and for the kind words ♥

  3. I think you won't feature me for a looooooong time because I have nothing to blog about haha, but thanks a lot, sweetie :3

  4. Hey girl! Just saw this in my queue, thanks for the shout out!


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