theBalm Makeup Sets at TJ Maxx (Extremely Picture Heavy!)

I swear every week I go to TJ Maxx and every time I go I find a new theBalm set or more makeup and skincare findings. I think TJ Maxx is doing a great job at improving their store image and I'm happy to see some really high end brands being sold at a price I can easily afford. I'm on a no buy so I can't buy any of the things I saw today but if you're looking to get maybe an early holiday present for someone into makeup, this is a good place to start.

As far as I know (as in after doing a quick google search) these sets haven't been released yet. If you're looking to get everything at half price or better, get thee to a TJ Maxx!

I'll be talking about seven different sets I saw today. As far as I know, all of the items in the sets are full sized with the exception of one item in the last set .These first four cost $22.99 and retail between $53 and $59. They're packaged in a zippered bag that has plastic sides that are decorated with different pictures depending on the set.

Oh So Pretty set.

I feel pretty....


oh so pretty, I feel pretty

The back of the set. You get a Betty-Lou Manizer, Mini Kabuki Brush, Plump Your Pucker in Passion My Fruit, and Hot Ticket Nail Polish in Petunia


and witty,

Oh So Witty set.


This set has a tube of Cheater! Mascara, a pot of Overshadow mineral eyeshadow in Work is Overrated, and a pot of Balms Away Eye Makeup Remover.


and bright

Oh So Bright...kit


This set has a Mary-Lou Manizer, Mini Kabuki Brush, Plump Your Pucker Lipgloss in Pink My Lemonade and a Hot Ticket Nail Polish in Princess.


and I pity any girl who isn't me tonight!

Oh So Versatile set.


This set has a tube of Stainiac in Beauty Queen, a Bahama Mama Eyeshadow/Bronzer, and Hot Mama! Eyeshadow/Blush


These are the other three sets.

This set is the Smoky Eye Kit. This has a retail value of $87 and costs $29.99.


This has two Shady Lady shadows in Mischievous Marissa and Sexy Stacey, an Overshadow in If You're Rich, I'm Single, a Cheater! Mascara, and a pot of Balms Away Eye Makeup Remover.


This is the Smooth Talker Lip Set. I am pretty sure this set and the next one are for the holidays because underneath the name of the set, there's a spot where you can right to whom it's for and who it's from. This sells for $24.99 and has a retail value of $68.

You get a Stainiac in Beauty Queen, two Plump Your Pucker glosses in Ruby My Grapefruit and Cocoa My Coconut and a BalmShelter Tinted Gloss in Girl Next Door.


and lastly, this is the Beauty Essentials Set. If we're being nitpicky here, the BalmShelter Tinted Moisturizer is the only product in the kit that isn't full sized, it's .10 oz smaller. As you can see, it has a retail value of $105 and costs $39.99.

Again I apologize, I didn't manage to get the back of the packaging listing the shades. I'm pretty sure the Stainiac included is in the shade Beauty Queen and the tinted moisturizer is in Light.


I so wish I could buy some of these things for myself but I'm on a budget and it sucks :( If you do find these in stores, buy them!


  1. o0oo I saw the exact same kits at my TJ. They're such a good deal since each product retails for so much at Sephora. My TJ also had the three powders in a set (bronzer, blush, and translucent powder) for $19.99

  2. I want the Oh So Bright one! :)

  3. WOW, so many wonderful kits, perfect for the holiday. Thanks for the update, Mai.

  4. Wowsa, been dying to try out theBalm eventually, but my TJ Maxx is too small, they don't have any Balm stuff.

  5. I just found Shady Lady Vol 2 today, I have the Balmbini and Vol 3 already and some of their powders that came in these kits. I saw Meet Matte there too, but unfortunately didn't pick it up and have been dying for it ever since. It is a matte eye shadow palette. We have most of these kits at our TJs, except I've been searching and searching for the one with Mary Lou luminizer in it. This is my favorite highlighter, even better than Benefits high beam or watts up.

  6. I got the Smokey Eye Kit for 9.99.. I think the prices have gone down since this post

    1. That's great if it did! Hopefully you enjoyed the set you got :)

  7. I saw these yesterday for $9.99! They also had OPI and Essie nail polish and I bought them all! <3 TJ Maxx

  8. Marshall sells it for 9.99 too its soo sweet

  9. I got Oh So Pretty, Oh So Bright and Oh So Versatile for $9.99 each today at Marshalls! I could not be happier =) They had plenty of sets left. THey also had OPI and Essie sets

    1. What city did you shop at (ar marshalls)?

    2. The city question is for laura

  10. ELLIE....i got the ooh so pretty, the smokey eye kit, shady lady vol.2, and the trio blush bronzer w a translucent powder...but instead of that one i wanted the beauty essentials kit :[ but i dint had enough $$ and when i went back today it was gone. I went 4x to tjmaxx :D

  11. ELLIE~ so I spend 40$ total....but yeah the prices were lower. 10$ a kit so happy..cus I won't b buying make up for a loooong Time. Only foundation And mascara ;)

  12. If u Happend to know when will the balm hit tjmaxx or marshals again, PLS LET US KNOW...I still want the nude tUde palette, meet matte and the Mary Lou manizer! Cus I missed out on those shadow pallets last yr.
    Thak u"

  13. I got the ohso bright! Well i hope they sell the nudetude soon! Theyre selling most of their products at such a low price so why not sell nudetude at these stores? I cudnt get mt hands on the sales for the palette at was soldout already this evening...:( and i cudnt make myself buy them at 36$..might as well buy naked2 instead.
    Hopefully when i check my local marshalls this weekend i'd find some of these sets !

  14. Well that is amazing... because our target does not even carry this brand at all.. we have only a unknown brand or elf .. where do you live?,, maybe its the location of the stores


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