Tick:Tock Cosmetics Originals Collection Swatches and Review

Two weeks ago I did a review on some of Tick:Tock Cosmetics' eyeshadows and I expressed my opinion on how they could improve their company. The owners of the company read the post and emailed me back talking about each of the concerns/points I had and how they were going to address them in the future which I really appreciated.

They offered to send me a sample pack of their upcoming eyeshadows so I have nine colors that I'll be covering today and also samples of their eyeshadow bases which I'll talk about in another post.

These eyeshadows will be added to their line of Originals eyeshadows. Here's the link to their swatches of the collection on their Facebook. These need to be used with a primer/base, and not by itself because they don't perform well without one. The colors are pretty but their shadows need work with adhesion.

They unfortunately were a pain to photograph; I feel like my pictures don't do the color shift justice. I'll try to compensate for my pictures by giving better descriptions of the colors.

Unless I say otherwise below, they all needed to be patted on not swept on for the best adhesion and payoff.

*Forgot to add, these were over e.l.f. mineral eye primer!*

Back to the Future, Clepsydra, and From Dusk til Dawn


In Direct Sunlight


Back to the Future: This is described as a black based green full of shimmer and holographic glitter. I don't know why it looks so matte in the direct sunlight picture, it really isn't at all in real life. The shimmer is much more prominent than the holographic glitter.

Clepsydra: This is described as a dark greenish blue with purple shimmer and sparkle. In real life I found the base color to be a lighter. Oh man alive, this is such a pretty color. This reminds me of Fyrinnae's Catrina Cabaret but more blue toned and lighter. I wish wish wish I got the gorgeous purple shift in the picture, it's absolutely gorgeous.

From Dusk til Dawn: This is described as a medium orangey brown with blue sparkles. I found that it was a lot lighter than in the product pictures. I really liked this neutral in the set, it's something I could wear as a wash of color on my eyes and was one of the few shadows that didn't need to be patted on, it swept on so nicely. The blue sparkle to it is more evident in the daylight picture.

Frozen in Time, Half Past Crazy, and Happy Hour

In daylight


In direct sunlight


Frozen in Time: This is described as an icy blue with lots of blue shimmer and sparkle. For some reason, their facebook product picture of it is really off. It's not that grey toned, it's really a light icy blue. The blue sparkle and shimmer is prominent in the daylight picture, not so much in the direct sunlight picture.

Half Past Crazy: This is described as a black based red, loaded with shimmer and sparkle. The base is kind of a brownish black and it did want to pull brown. Loved the sparkle to it but I wish the base color was just as pigmented on my eyes as it was in the swatch. The base color felt sort of sheer on the eyes and I mostly got the sparkle. I think this will benefit the most from a dark base.

Happy Hour: This is described as a medium yellow bursting with blue shimmer. This photographed very lemony on my skin but it is a more goldenrod color.

Sexy Time, Tempus Fugit, Time Warp Again

In daylight


Direct Sunlight


Sexy Time: This is described as a black based blue, full of shimmer and holographic glitter. This was probably the trickiest to photograph. There is a lot more blue shimmer and holographic sparkle to it than in the pictures. I really liked this but the blue shimmer isn't as prominent over a black base the way it's shown in the Facebook picture. Unfortunately, this had zero adhesion over my e.l.f. mineral eye primer, it just wouldn't stick. You'll need a good sticky base for this.

Tempus Fugit: This is described as purpley/blue in the jar, going on with a heavy green sheen. Yeah I don't see that. In the baggie it's a blue-grey eyeshadow that really leaned grey in the direct sunlight picture. The daylight picture is more accurate in color but I hope you can see the green sheen to it!

Time Warp Again: This is described as a true black, loaded with every color of shimmer imaginable. To me it's not a true black but a charcoal black. This is Mardi Gras in a jar. Traditional Mardi Gras colors are green, purple and yellow and I saw all those shimmer colors prominently in the eyeshadow. It made me think of the sprinkles of a King Cake. Same adhesion issues as Sexy Time unfortunately, it just wasn't sticking on my primer. You'll need a good sticky base with this, probably a dark one.

In case you were curious, here's a comparison between Frozen in Time and Tempus Fugus

In daylight


In direct sunlight


I also took a picture of the eyeshadows in the baggies in case you wanted another look at them. I said it in the comments but Half Past Crazy looks stupidly brown on camera when it isn't in real life and all the different shifts and shimmers are muted but you'll get a good idea of what the base colors look like! From Dusk til Dawn applies lighter than in the bag and Tempus Fugit pulls too gray in the picture.


I'm glad to see that they're doing more unique colors. I loved the look of Clepsydra and Time Warp Again. I don't know if I'll be getting more until they improve the adhesion of the eyeshadow.

Disclaimer: The eyeshadows were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own and I wasn't compensated or paid for reviewing.


  1. These colors are all very pretty! Thanks for the follow up!

  2. Were these over a base or wet? The ones I tried from Tock Tock were absolutely horrible as far as pigmentation. They were probably the worst mineral eyeshadows I have ever used as far as pigmentation.

  3. @Peace, Love, and Sparkles!

    Pfft thanks for reminding me to add that bit in, I swatched over e.l.f. mineral eye primer.

    They need the primer/base, the swatch pictures on their facebook make that pretty clear. The rest of them did fine over a primer except Sexy Time and Time Wrap Again which basically ran away when I tried to wear them on my eye with primer.

    I've never been one to use eyeshadow without a primer but you make a good point that not everyone will use a primer/base with their eyeshadow.

  4. These are so brightening! I bet they will look great on the eyes!

  5. I'd also like to mention that many of these look like unblended micas. Which is fine if they say they are not custom blended. Several of these look like straight up micas from TKB that I have. My experience with the pigmentation from this company reinforces my suspicions although I can't say for sure without seeing them first hand.

  6. @Peace, Love and Sparkles!

    Hmm which ones did you think looked like straight up micas? I looked at the TKB swatches you had (super comprehensive by the way) and didn't really find much. Sparkle Blue is probably the closest but the base color is different and they just share the same purple shift. Midnight Blue I think looks similar just from the picture but it was a pain in the ass to capture, in real life the blue shimmer is more prominent and there's holographic glitter.

  7. I don't have access to the micas right now because dear hubby is sleeping, but the first one that caught my eye was Happy Hour, it's pretty dead on for Echo. (Although when I went to look at my swatches, I see that I need to redo them since my swatching has improved since I first did the TKB posts).

  8. I looked up swatches of Echo and they don't look to be the same (maybe the same shift but not the same base color). Happy Hour is much more yellow versus peachy. I'll give you the link of the baggie picture I took (and add it into the post) and while it's not as accurate as I'd like it to be it does give a better idea of what the eyeshadows look like.

    Half Past Crazy looks stupidly brown when it isn't in real life and From Dusk til Dawn applies lighter than it looks.


  9. Great swatches! They look very pigmented :D


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