Schoolwork is rapidly kicking my ass and it's all starting to pile up close to the end of the semester.

I'm also going on a mini vacation this weekend (San Diego!) for a professional conference so I've got no time to dedicate to the blog. I think going on a hiatus will help me not feel so pressured to keep posting.

In lieu of an actual post today, check out the Follower Appreciation post on Phyrra's blog and Funny Face Beauty's Beauty Social Post (some of it featuring me!)

I'll still be twittering because I love to twitter(follow me at @maimaimaiii if you want to!) but I probably won't be posting for another month. See you after finals!


  1. Good luck on your finals ^____^ See you in a month or so.. whenever you get back & i hope you enjoy your little vacation too! RELAX & ENJOY!! Tweet you soon m'dear!

  2. Good luck! See you when the hiatus is up :)


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