Reader Feedback and Suggestions!

While I'm still on a bit of a break (I'm finding myself with more free time than I thought between schoolwork) I thought I'd get your guys' feedback and opinions on the blog.

Do you guys have any suggestions on things I can do to improve the blog? Should I work on my writing to be a little more personable? Do you prefer seeing direct sunlight pictures along with daylight pictures when I do swatches?

Is there a certain number of posts you'd like to see before you have to click "older posts" to see prior ones? I've got it set on three right now because of the number of pictures but tell me if you would like to see the numbers changed. Tell me if you'd like to see more reviews, swatches, makeup pictures or less of something.

I'd really really appreciate the feedback! Feel free to be anonymous if you're not comfortable saying something. I'm really looking to improve the blog.


  1. I love reading product reviews and random stuff. I don't have a preference on what the post is about because I love interacting with the blogger :) I'd say post at least once a week so your posts are in people's readers. =D

  2. I love reading your blog especially for the swatch photos! I would love more lip swatches, since they give such a clear idea of what the colour looks like!

  3. I like your blog the way it is, if I'm honest! I like your product reviews and FOTDs, so definitely more of those!


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