Even More Silk Naturals Eyeshadow Swatches

I got sent the most kindest package ever from Cait of Swatch Storm. She was on a destashing spree and sent me jars and jars of Silk Naturals eyeshadows that she no longer used AND I bought a mega lot of samples from her.

She's gotten me hooked on Silk Naturals and I know that was her intent and so she'll feel no guilt for it >(. Here's my picture heavy swatch post of the eyeshadows I got! Sorry for some of the pictures having small amounts of eyeshadows, some of the eyeshadows were samples so I didn't have a lot to take a picture of.

Bon Voyage, Charmed, Chic, and Demure

Silk Naturals Bon Voyage, Charmed, Chic, Demure

Bon Voyage: "A deep shimmery navy blue with just a hint of shimmer" I quite liked this shade, I felt like it wasn't too sheer but the shimmer doesn't show up as well in the picture.

Charmed: "A light apple green with fun flecks of gold" This is their clone for MAC Juxt but since I don't own Juxt, I can't compare it. Utterly gorgeous, one of the colors that I'd definitely use for green. The gold flecks are very obvious in real life. This is their clone for MAC Juxt but since I don't own Juxt, I can't compare it.

Chic: "A deeper midtone tan- a smidge on the golden side, and goes wonderfully with Posh, Vogue, and Cream" I liked this brown too, especially with the slight golden sheen to it. I also have Posh and Vogue and I can definitely see them going well together!

Demure: "A light, pinkish lavender shimmery pearl" This was an eyeshadow that was recently discontinued. It was one of the Eye Wands that was an eyeshadow packed into doe foot tubes. I did like the color but I definitely thought it was a bit of a mess to deal with. I can see why it was discontinued.

Flash, Fusion, Grassroots Green, and Juiced

Silk Naturals Flash, Fusion, Grassroots Green,  Juiced,

Flash: "A very very shimmery complex gold color with a hint of silver and diamond pearl" This was extremely sparkly but there was a lightness in texture to it. I wish I could capture how it feels in words but I can say that it's not creamy the way the other Silk Naturals eyeshadows are, but not in a bad way. Of all the eyeshadows I got, this was one of my favorites and I wish I could convey my thoughts on why I love it. It is semi sheer, not a color you can get totally opaque but that makes it a color you can pat on the center of your lid to add dimension to your eyes.

Fusion: " At its core is a deep plum that when worn over primer becomes a something almost primary- and it pops with golden highlights" It's a dirty brownish plum, a color that I don't gravitate to normally and it stands true in this case. I do like the golden highlight since it prevents the eyeshadow from being one-dimensional.

Grassroots Green: "A deep shimmery green-sort of like the green on the back of a dollar bill". This applied a little sheerer than swatched on the website but there is a fair bit of green shimmer to it.

Juiced: " A pale gold with suede pearl finish, and a fair amount of gold glimmer". The swatch and product picture on the site looks really off on my monitor, making it look gold and yellow when it really isn't. I'd say it's a cream colored beige with gold glimmer. I really like this as an all over lid wash for lazy days. Oddly enough, it's not listed with the rest of the eyeshadows, you have to search for it using the search menu.

Opal, Posh, Resort, and Sapphire

Silk Naturals Opal, Posh, Resort, Sapphire,

Opal: " A light pink with just a hint of lavender" This is one of the colors that looks white in the jar but changes over a black liner and I would love to pair this with Sugarpill Love+ as a highlight color!

Posh: "A nice shimmery golden tan color that you could use as a simple one color wash, or pair it with colors like Chic, Cream, and Vogue" This is a clone of Stila Wheat but I don't own Wheat so I can't make a comparison. I can definitely see this going well with Chic and Vogue and would be a brilliant one color wash.

Resort: " Deep golden green shimmer" I don't have an official description for this since it's discontinued. It is a slightly olive-y grass green color.

Sapphire: " A rich jewel toned navy" This is similar to Bon Voyage so I did a comparison further down to show the difference. I've really been into navy blues and I loved the jewel tone to this!

Sizzle, Teacher's Pet, Trouble, Vogue

Silk Naturals Sizzle, Teacher's Pet, Trouble, Vogue

Sizzle: "Starts out blue, and has wonderful gold flecks in it". This photographs extremely mint green on the site but it isn't green at all. It is a slightly dirty looking blue which I'm personally not drawn to but I do like the gold duochrome.

Teacher's Pet: " A medium taupe pearl with hints of golden bronze glimmer". The site swatch is completely off, it's not green at all! Are there colors that you just like even though you can't explain it? This is one of those colors.

Trouble: "A light pinkish sand color" This is a clone of Urban Decay Sin and I compared the two later on in the post. This is a pretty color because it's not such a cool toned pink, there is a warmth to it.

Vogue: " A very deep brown shimmery liner color with glints of copper, and gold" I wish I could properly photograph this color. There's such a richness to the eyeshadow, it's like crushed velvet with tons of shimmer.

GWP Eyeshadows

Blitz, Catch, Extravert, Gobble, Meadow

Silk Naturals Blitz, Catch, Extravert, Gobble, Meadow

These are all GWP eyeshadows that you unfortunately can't get anymore, but I thought I'd swatch them just for future reference. Extravert is an especially gorgeous color, it's a dark forest green on a dark base with TONS of shimmer. It's also got that crushed velvet look to it.

Here are the two comparisons I did!

Bon Voyage and Sapphire, these two do look very similar but there are differences. Although it doesn't look it, Bon Voyage has a lighter base than Sapphire but Sapphire has a lighter blue shimmer so it makes it look lighter than Bon Voyage. Since these are so similar, I wouldn't get both. If I had to choose, I'd get Sapphire.

Silk Naturals Bon Voyage vs Silk Naturals Sapphire

This is Trouble against Urban Decay Sin. Sin is much shinier/metallic than Trouble so it looks lighter than Trouble.

Silk Naturals Trouble vs Urban Decay Sin

Thank you Cait, I really didn't need to be hooked onto another eyeshadow company :(

Disclaimer: I was given these eyeshadows by the lovely Cait of Swatch Storm. I didn't get paid to swatch these eyeshadows and all opinions are my own.


  1. Love seeing all the Silk Naturals :>

    1. Sigh Cait really got me hooked on them, it's not cool.

  2. Awesome swatches Mai! Thanks for the 2 color comparisons. They were helpful. I need to pull my SN back into rotation!

  3. Love SN! A great indie company :)


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