OCC Lip Tar's New Packaging & a Comparison between Sleek Pout Paint

I'll cover my experience at The Makeup Show soon (and eventually that pressing powders troubleshooting post) but I really wanted to post about the new OCC Lip Tar packaging as soon as I could.

Here's the OCC Lip Tar in Anime, I really wish I could have captured the bright neon color, my camera couldn't take it!


Anime isn't this berry looking, it's much more neon in person but you can see the awesome new nozzle tip.


When I was at The Makeup Show LA, I made a beeline for the OCC Makeup booth and was kindly introduced to the founder, David Klasfeld, who is SO nice and easy to talk to. I knew about the new packaging so I asked him a few questions about the packaging change and their reasons behind it.

He explained that the change in lip tar packaging was meant to coincide with the change in their branding from a makeup artist brand to a more consumer brand. As it became more popular with consumers, people were getting confused about the slant tip applicator and were thinking that it was a lipgloss that you could apply straight from the tube. The slant applicator wasn't much of an issue with makeup artists since most would use brushes to apply the product in a sanitary matter . I also heard that the slant tips were prone to breaking off and leaking so I imagine this'll help combat that problem. The nozzle should help to discourage usage without a brush and you can also have better control over the amount of product squeezed out.

The price of the lip tar was increased from $13 to $14 I believe, BUT you get 25% more product (going from 8 mL to 10 mL). All in all, completely worth it since I know that tons of people are fans of the OCC Lip Tar.

I happen to own the Lip Tar's most well known comparative product, the Sleek Makeup Pout Paint, so I wanted to do a quick comparison between the two and their packaging. I can't compare formulas since I won't be using the OCC Lip Tar I got but I can compare the scent.

The Sleek Pout Paint retails for £4.99 in the UK but $8.00 on the Sleek Makeup site for 8mL, working about to be about $1 a mL. Shipping with the Sleek Makeup site is a ridiculous $13.50 for anyone interested in importing them from the US so I'd suggest finding someone to CP them for you. The OCC Lip Tar retails for $14.00 after the slight price and larger size increase, working out to be $1.40 a mL and shipping from the OCC site is $7.50 however there are other vendors and shops that sell them (plus their store in NYC!). Sleek Pout Paints have a limited color range versus OCC's massive amounts of Lip Tar colors but I don't think it'd be an issue for the regular consumer.


You can see here that the diameter of nozzle for the OCC Lip Tar is slightly smaller than the nozzle for the Sleek Makeup Pout Paint.


The OCC Lip Tar smells of mint whereas the Pout Paint smells a little like orange and plastic. I personally prefer the scent of mint but it's your preference!
You can google search for more comprehensive reviews of the formula but between the two, I'd take the OCC Lip Tar. It's much more available for me in the US and I quite like the minty scent.

Anyway, I hope this has helped show the difference between the Pout Paint and the Lip Tar since I figured the two might be compared even more now that the packaging has changed.

Do you own a Lip Tar, Pout Paint, or both? What do you think about it?


  1. I don't own either product but if I were to purchase, I would get OCC Lip Tar primarily because the color range is more varietal. :-)

    1. When we're at IMATS, I may pick up a bazillion colors >>

  2. The slant lid was a horrible design. they leak so bad!!!! Great to see a more practical packaging. Can't wait to stock up on the new packing when I run out of the old packaging. Thanks for sharing!

  3. don't own either product, but i'd definitely want to try them both out :D I need to save up to come to the US for your IMATS!! I always get jealous of so many bloggers attending >< cant wait to see how your trip there went :)


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