My Experiences at The Makeup Show LA!

I wanted to start out this post by including a picture of me with Amy and Yume of Sugarpill. I got to spend part of the afternoon with them and it was an amazing experience, not even hampered by my awkwardness! Haha I think you can tell that I was severely underdressed next to them.

Amy, Yume, and I

I met the lovely Elessa of Pursebuzz too! Her jewelry and accessories are so so cute and she is just as nice in person as she is in her Youtube videos.

Elessa of Pursebuzz and I

Onto my experience at the show. The first place I checked out was OCC Makeup. This was a candid shot of the owner David Klasfeld, doing his thing and me catching him in the wild. He was extremely nice and easy to talk to. I got to ask him a few questions about the Lip Tar packaging change (which I covered in my last post) and it was an enjoyable experience! I can't recall the exact discount, only that OCC Lip Tars were $10.00 as opposed to $14.00

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

I must have had a lapse in blogging judgment because I didn't do any swatches of the upcoming collection, but here's a picture showing the collection off.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

More Lip Tars in their new packaging!

New OCC Lip Tar Packaging

After finishing up at the OCC booth, I headed towards Make Up For Ever's booth. I'm glad I got there early because while it was a little busy at 9ish, it was even worse later on in the afternoon. Everything was at least 40% off with select items (like the Aqua Liner and Aqua Eyes) being 50% off.

Make Up For Ever Eyeshadows

To add to the chaos, only one of their registers was working so that led to lines like this. They made a minor mistake when checking me out (the Aqua Liner rang up as only 40% off versus 50% off but they resolved that quickly!). This is how long the line got at 10:30, an hour and a half after the show opened!

Line at Make Up For Ever

This was the crowd at the Inglot booth at 9:25am so it got super packed very quickly. Everything was discounted 30%.

Inglot booth

So many potted eyeshadows!

Inglot booth

25 minutes in and someone completely spilled a pigment jar into another one. The table full of pigments was utterly droolworthy though.

Inglot Pure Pigment Eyeshadows

OCC, MUFE, and Inglot were the brands on the top of my list to check out first so after that, I explored the venue a bit. IMATS, one of the other big makeup artists trade shows, seems to be really big into special effects whereas The Makeup Show didn't seem to have much of that. I did enjoy this character all made up.

Awesome Special Effects

and this gorgeous girl being body painted (may not be suitable for work)

Mehron Body Paint

and this makeup job just blew me away!

Gorgeous makeup

I enjoyed this booth for the hottie being spray tanned ;)

South Seas booth

I also enjoyed the Dinair booth, they had a gorgeous model dressed up in bridal wear to show off the makeup and a fantastic show deal.

Dinair booth

Dinair bridal model

I detoured and spent a few minutes checking out the Hakuhodo booth although I didn't pick anything up. Their Yachiyo brushes looked amazing though.

Hakuhodo Yachiyo Brushes

Kevyn Aucoin was at the show too, having deep discounts ranging from 20%-91%!

Kevyn Aucoin booth

I scoped out Youngblood's booth because I've heard Dustin say great things about the brand.

Youngblood Cosmetics

The lovely Pursebuzz's booth!

The lovely people at the Pursebuzz booth

and to finish off the post, the lovely Yume, Suzy, Lauren and Amy!

Yume, Suzy, Lauren, and Amy

All in all, I quite enjoyed The Makeup Show. Judging from other peoples' experiences, it seemed to be on a much more intimate scale than IMATS. I went to Pursebuzz's Tools and Trends seminar where she helped to show off and explain the uses of some basic and new Crown Brushes. I thoroughly enjoyed the shopping and meeting tons of great people there! I should have my haul from the show posted soon.

Have you ever gone to The Makeup Show? Or IMATS? Do you want to go?

I wanted to take the time to thank Melody who works as the PR for the Makeup Show. She was extremely nice and introduced me to David Klasfeld of OCC, so thank you Melody!


  1. Wow! Looks like a lot of fun! I'm so jealous you got to go!

    1. It was tons of fun and served to be excellent shopping fodder!

  2. I'm so happy for you having the chance to hang out with Yume and Amy and spending time with them, too, hope I'll stumble over them at IMATS hehe :D I sound like a creepy stalker. The booth and product pictures are super awesome, too, instantly makes me long to purchase all the products shown!

    1. hahah the fact that they'll be working at the Sugarpill booth will make it easier to corner them >)

  3. Wow, that all looks so amazing and such a fun time. :)

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I went last year and I didn't see any guru's at all. You bumped into so many of them. Amazing. :)

    1. Awww I hope you can see more this year if you decide to go!

  5. Glad you had such a good time.
    Aw, you got to see shrinkle with her amazing new hair. I am a little bit in love with it and want to have it's hairy hair babies. Also, Yume's giant phone cover made a cameo up there (haaaaa)
    And the body paint woman, her body... the spray tan man... it is not fair!! x

    1. I loved the body paint woman, she looked so gorgeous!


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