I Need Your Questions on Pressing Eyeshadows!

While I'm experimenting with pressing my loose eyeshadows, I'd like to get you guys to ask me any questions you might have! Are there any textures you want me to test? Are there any questions you want me to answer? Anything I can cover?

Thanks! I hope to cover as much as I can on the topic of pressing loose eyeshadows!


  1. Umm... seems like I left a question on one of your other posts... can't quite remember what it is now! I think it was about mattes. Would love to see if you have any success with pressing mattes and how they turn out! And any other tips/tricks you have found while pressing!

    1. I believe you asked about eyeshadows with chunky glitter but hmm I'm not sure I own any loose ones with really chunky glitter. I know I own a few with fine glitter but I'll have to check my stash! I will see about mattes too!

  2. I heard mattes don't press well, so I'd like to see how you do? Also more Sugar[ill...since they are so incredibly sparkly I wonder if they need different amounts of medium...although your goldilux turned out better than mine! I am really excited you're doing this! I want to press my shadows so bad but I am worried. Also, do you think colors with glitter loose the sparkle?

  3. Omg, I have so many more questions! I would also like to know about results from pressing mattes, they tend to be so finicky! Also:
    - Pressing... How many times do I need to press? I see some people only press once and let it dry, and other people press every 30 min.. are there any differences in results?
    - Is 70% alcohol ok? I can't find 90% here. Are there any differences between using the two?
    - Can you press any kind of loose powder? (blush, hd powder!?)
    - Do you recommend using tin pans? Do they really rust that easily?
    Sorry that I ask so much, haha, but I've never pressed my makeup before and I'm irrationally afraid of messing up 9_9
    Thanks so much for doing this for us!! ^_^

  4. I would love to see if you can find a pressing ribbon that gives that wave-like hatchmark finish


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