The Makeup Show LA Haulage

Practicing restraint is so hard to do when you're surrounded by so much makeup. Still though, I think I managed to be relatively conservative when it came to getting things at The Makeup Show. I received the Kiss eyelashes, the Mehron Celebre Pro Loose Powder, and the OCC Lip Tar for free, the rest I purchased.

The Makeup Show Haulage

I was most excited to try out Make Up For Ever at the event, in fact that was the first booth I checked out. Everything was at least 40% off with a few select products on sale for 50% off like the Aqua Liners. I picked up the HD Foundation in 153 for $24.00.

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation 153

I then I picked up the Aqua Liner in 11 for $11.50 but I'm having some difficulty getting it to look as burgundy/red as I've seen in some swatches. I must continue experimenting!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner 11

I was most excited to get some Inglot next. I do have an Inglot relatively closeby but I couldn't resist the 30% off.

I got the Duraline mixing medium that turns any powder eyeshadow into a liquid formulation. It is a little different than most mixing mediums though since it can also work well to rehydrate dried out eyeliner and it comes in a luxe glass container with a push button dropper versus a suction bulb dropper. This was $7.00 at the show.

Inglot Duraline

Inglot Rainbow Eyeshadow in 108R. I've been so enamored with orange eyeshadows lately so I had to pick up a trio for $5.00! 2.5 grams for that price and three colors is a great deal.

Inglot Rainbow Eyeshadow 108R

Lastly I got an Eyebrow Powder in 567. This was $3.00. The Inglot website portrays the colors so incorrectly! On the website, 567 looks similar to 569 but they're not even close in real life and the rest of the colors are off too.

Inglot Eyebrow Powder in 567

After that, I went to Bdellium Tools to check out a few of their brushes. I got two, 765 and 772. These were $5.00 each. These are the Travel Line brushes so the handles are shorter which suit me quite well! I didn't check all the brushes but the Maestro line eye brushes were around $6.00, the Travel line eye brushes were $5.00 and the Travel line Face brushes were around $10.00

Bdellium Tools 772 and 765

and lastly, I bought this lash fan at Crown Brush for $2.00.

Crown Brush Lash Fan C113

I got the OCC Lip Tar in Anime in its awesome new packaging. This retails for $14.00


I got the new iEnvy Kiss Lashes in KPE08

Kiss iEnvy Lashes in KPE08

and lastly, the Mehron Celebre Pro Loose Mineral Finishing Powder. This retails for $12.95.

Mehron Celebre Pro Loose Powder

All in all, I spent $62.50 and saved about $51.93 off the retail price plus I didn't have to pay tax! I was really excited to be able to scope out the place and try a few things at a discounted price. The HD Foundation has become a staple for me which makes me a little sad considering the $40.00 price tag. Still though, there's IMATS in June when I can pick up another bottle!


  1. I would so love to go to IMATS. My friend went there too this past weekend & I heard she purchased a lot! Great purchases though! & I would love to hear your thoughts on the brushes :D

    1. I hope you'll be able to come down here and go to IMATS! It'd be awesome to meet you!

  2. Impressive haul. can't wait to see you using some of these!

  3. Im so jealous. The MUFE HD foundation is my holy grail foundation. :) I can't wait to pick it up when I go to the Makeupshow in Chicago.

    1. I'm SO happy with the MUFE HD Foundation, it's probably my most favorite foundation I've ever tried

  4. unfortunately imats is the only thing that comes to my country and it doesn't exist in my city. it only exist in one city in he whole of Australia. Sad! I've never been to any makeup shows and i'm dying to go but having to spend on air ticket, accomodation, food and then the show... not really affordable :(

    I love the duraline!!!! amazing product in my opinion. i use it to make coloured eyeliners or turn a gel liner into more of a liquid texture. Definitely great for rehydrating the dried out gel liner too :)

  5. Your haul makes me so excited for IMATS! But there will be no such thing as restraint when I go :P

  6. That looks like so much fun :>

  7. You grabbed some great deals. :) Congrats! I'm starting to get into orange eyeshadow too, especially considering how tangerine is the colour of the year.

  8. Great buys! I've been meaning to try out those lip tars and you also got a fantastic deal on the MUFE foundation

  9. You made some good choices! I've been debating on ordering a couple Inglot rainbow eyeshadows, but have hesitated because I haven't seen any in person. Do you think the Inglot website is accurate in how it depicts the 108R colours?

    1. It gets pretty close but I wouldn't say it's spot on with the coloring. You might want to try searching online for swatches, I know XSparkage has great swatches of the Rainbow colors!

    2. Thanks for the suggestion. I've looked at her swatches before; the only thing is I don't know her skin tone (I think she's cooler and maybe slightly paler than me) so it's hard to know how the colour will show up on me. I'll give it another go though :). Thanks!


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