Beauty Blogger Challenge Week 3

What is your blogging environment? Do you sit on the couch with your laptop after the kids have gone to bed, or do you lock yourself in your home office? Do you listen to music, watch tv, or multitask while you blog? Extra credit: share a photo (or five) of your environment.

I usually blog at night on my computer desk where I also do my makeup. I've got a rolling storage unit to the left of my desk that holds some of my makeup and a Melmer storage unit to my right that holds my nail polishes and the rest of my makeup.

Occasionally I'll have music on but I usually don't. I find myself churning out blog posts better at night when I don't have many distractions but I tend to proofread in the daytime. I try to take as many pictures in the daytime when I can so I don't have to deal with flash, reflections, and all that jazz.


  1. Same here, I don't listen to music while applying make up, but when taking pics I turn the music on!

  2. @Anna haha sometimes I find myself just turning on youtube and listening to different youtubers talking in the background

  3. I'm a night blogger with the tv as background noise, sometimes music. I usually take the pictures during the day time, but will do some night time shots if I'm overly excited about a product

  4. It depends on the week. Normally I do my post during the weekend, as I'm quite busy during the week and I have almost no time to write. I blog in my 'study table' or sometimes in my bed, nothing sophisticated as you can see :)



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