Urban Decay Celebrates 15 Years Sephora Event

There are many perks to living in a suburb and in Orange County because it allows for access to many things like the Sephora Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary event.

I apologize ahead of time to say that I totally forgot to bring my camera to take pictures of how everything was decked out but Urban Decay has some pictures here!

I had a "Complexion" makeover where the MUA put concealer and foundation on me along with some eyeshadow and my eyebrows.

I will say that the most disappointing part of the experience was at the end when the makeup artist walked away to talk to someone for about 5 minutes while I was sitting there awkwardly looking at the products. She got distracted enough that she had forgotten to give me a card with a sticker to redeem for my free swag bag so I had to ask someone else for it.

Anyway, onward ho to pictures!

Post makeover outside in my backyard. I had the Brow Box in Brown Sugar on my eyebrows, the NSA 24/7 Concealer and Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup in Hallucination on my face, Urban Decay Sin Primer Potion on my eyes and Lip Junkie Lip Gloss in Midnight Cowboy on my lips.
Here's the swag that I got.

All said goodies laid out. I will say I'm most excited to try out the Pore Perfecting Base and the All Nighter Makeup Spray. I think Gash is a bit too dark for my taste but everything else looks amazing.


  1. I've been waiting for a full-face shot since forever, you look soooo pretty :3

    And nice swag ~ such events sound fantastic to be at, except for the weird make-up artists.

  2. Wow that must have been a cool experience except for the distracted MUA :P

    Love the makeup selection,I want a free bag like this too haha!

  3. @Anna Crystal haha I'm slowly getting myself more acquainted to the idea of taking full face shots

    @Luckiebeauty Yeah she was like "oh I HAVE to talk to her" uhh okay how about you talk after I'm gone?

  4. good thing you still had your free goodies! and same as Anna Crystal! been looking forward for your full faced shot too! :)

  5. Nice swag! You have such a beautiful smile. =D

    (Thanks for entering!)

  6. I missed that event :( Full face shot looks great! So sad that the MUA walked away, that's why i'm so skeptical about getting my face done by MUA at the dept stores and stuff...

  7. I agree with Anna Crystal, so nice to see your face :)

    Lucky you, those goodies look scrumptious!

  8. @Snow0016 Thanks :)

    @Shop N' Chomp Thank you!

    @Sushi Awww well hopefully they'll have more events in California and I'm definitely wary of most MUA's in stores because I always think they're most interested in selling than in helping me

    @Emily Thank you :)

  9. I want to live in CALI too! NOT FAIR. NOT FAIR. We don't even have a MAC store here. The only 1 we have is the Macy's MAC counter which does not count. I really want to try "All Nighter". Let me know how you like it.

    BTW I agree, I like your full face shots.

  10. Awesome swag! I really want to see how you like the all night makeup spray. I need something like that but have tried many that don't work. Keep me posted :)


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