Give Me the Silent Treatment

I love taupey browns, it's just a perfect color and I'm rather glad that Wet n Wild came out with a trio that has one in it.

Silent Treatment has been really sought after and I picked up the last one at the second Walgreens I went to. If you were going to get any of the Spring trios, this is the must-have one especially since they're 50% off until tomorrow at Walgreens!

I'm getting a bit better at taking full face photos.

Nothing on ze face
NYX Eyeshadow Base in Nude
Wet n Wild Silent Treatment trio
Taupe on the lid, Brown in the Crease, Pink as the highlight
NYX Dark Brown for eyebrows


  1. I was able to snag a couple WnW palettes before the sale was over. There was almost NOTHING left!! These colors look amazing on you! <3

  2. "I'm getting a bit better at taking full face photos."
    Wanted to say that as well!


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