Beauty Blogger Challenge Week 1

A Girl and Her Shadows has this challenge which has weekly questions that relate to beauty blogging and I thought it'd be a nice thing to get me more motivated in posting.
With the challenge, you have a week to do the prompt and there is a new one each week. You can sign up to do it at the link :)

Here's the first one:

Why did you start blogging about beauty? Do you think you would have blogged about other topics if you hadn’t started beauty blogging? Were you already blogging something else when you started?

I remember that the first beauty bloggers I ever read were LimeCrime and Temptalia and while I read them for years I didn't really get started until several months ago. I got started with blogging because I kept accumulating cosmetics due to being a member of the mac_cosmetics livejournal community and so I thought I'd try to start writing about them.

Hmm I'm not sure if I would have started to blog about other things, maybe about dance? I was such an avid dancer throughout my adolescence and up until high school. I was not blogging about something else when I started beauty blogging and I made a pathetic attempt at reviewing romance novels (historical romance novels are my vice) but I quickly gave that up.

Tis your turn to join! I think this will be a good motivating factor for posting, especially since in November trying to do a challenge for the month made it so I was much for active!


  1. i'm an avid dancer before too! cheers!
    and ooh.. new year, new look! Happy new year!

  2. Oh gosh, I remember following Lime Crime for quite awhile, but then the clothing copycat/LBG drama turned me off. I do have to give credit to her for convincing me that it was okay to want superbright makeup, though.

    I thought the challenge would be a good motivator for myself, even. If you hit a day where you really think you should post, but you're stuck, voila, you have something to write about.

    Also, I really like learning about the people behind the blogs. :)

  3. Hahaha, my inspiration to start a blog mainly also came from Doe!


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