Smokyish Brown and Violet look

I really like the Wet n Wild Purple eyeliner but it isn't as smooth as I would like it to be. Nonetheless such a nice color especially with MAC's Violet pigment over it!

I used a NYX Trio for most of my eyeshadows (the one with Nude/Taupe/Dark Brown) that I won from a giveaway that MakeupbyCrystalS had. Honestly everyone needs to check her out because she's so so gorgeous and a fantastic makeup artist. If she wasn't a makeup artist she should be a model!
I don't like the mascara I used. It was the Wet n Wild waterproof one that I showed in my mini haul. It's okay for lengthening but it wilts my lashes afterwards which I don't like in a waterproof mascara.
NYX Eyeshadow Base in Nude
MAC Coco in the crease
NYX Dark Brown on the lid and blended up
NYX Nude as a highlight
NYX Dark Brown for eyebrows
Wet n Wild Megalength waterproof mascara
Wet n Wild Purple eyeliner
MAC Violet over the Purple Eyeliner

I'm also really happy, my sister managed to get an excellent score on her LSATs so she's heading to law school :)


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