Holiday Aromaleigh V.1 Eyeshadow Swatches and Review

This post is an ode to Shattered Shards because I'm swatching the eyeshadows I got in her Happy Holidays Giveaway.

You know those fancy mailers you get in the mail that are asking for money to donate to their cause? The ones that are printed as if they were handwritten but you know they weren't? Yeah that's how I received my prize from Shattered Shards. I don't actually have a picture of the envelope and everything because I sort of tore it apart but trust me when I say that Shattered has the best handwriting ever.

Anyway, onto the Holiday Eyeshadow Swatches! I won six assorted eyeshadows from the Holiday Blast, Holiday LE 2008, and Pure Eyes 2008 Collections.


Swatches were done dry over Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte Eyeshadow Primer and photographed in daylight. All descriptions courtesy of Aromaleigh (I only wish I could describe eyeshadows as well as some people do!)

From left to right, Allspice, Almost Midnight, Not So Silent Night, Tangled Tinsel, Twinkling Lights, Wintergreen


Closeups of Allspice, Almost Midnight, and Not So Silent Night


Allspice (From the Holiday 2008 kit)-Warm deep rich tarnished copper brown with sparkly shimmer. I'm so into neutrals lately and this fits the bill. Amazing shimmer and my god I love it.

Almost Midnight (From Holiday Blast 2008)- The brightest, most vibrant jewel of a purple with dramatic blue shadowy sparkles. When I first saw it in the baggie, I really didn't think much of it but man alive it fits the description. It's an utterly royal purple and you can really see the blue sparkles.

Not So Silent Night (From Holiday Blast 2008)- Deepest pure midnight blue with a shock of aurora borealis sparkle. This was another one that looked boring in the baggie but really shined through when applied. How could you go wrong with this?

Closeups of Tangled Tinsel, Twinkling Lights, Wintergreen


Tangled Tinsel (From Holiday Blast 2008)- Metallic true silver with bright glints of iridescent sparkle. This is like liquid silver and needs no introduction. I absolutely love this.

Twinkling Lights (From Holiday Blast 2008)- Satin lustre medium cool holiday green with pink/red twinkling shimmer sparks. This reminds me of holly, with the green base representing the leaves and the pink/red twinkling shimmer representing the berries!

Wintergreen (From Holiday 2008 Kit)- Lush neutral green with a soft smokey undertone and red contrast shimmer sparkle. I didn't see a red contrast shimmer or sparkle to this eyeshadow, mainly the green over a brown base.

All of these are gorgeous and exceptionally pigmented. I didn't have any issues with application at all and I only wish I could get my hands on more of Aromaleigh V.1! I'm not sure I'll be shopping from Aromaleigh V2 anymore because I've found myself displeased with how they've handled their social media accounts and the impression they've been giving off.

Do you own a lot of Aromaleigh V1 eyeshadows? Are you planning on getting any Aromaleigh V2 eyeshadows?


  1. wow they look so pigmented! lovely! xxx

  2. They're so all gorgeous and pigmented <3333

  3. ALv1 made superior products. Not sure how ALv2 is doing, but I think more people would be inclined to give them a try if it weren't for the price and the way they're handling their social media accounts.

  4. Nice swatches! I think i'll buy these samples too!!


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