Wet n Wild I Heart Matte Palette Eyeshadow Comparisons

Hopefully it isn't too late to post about the Wet n Wild Matte palette and hopefully some of you guys are still able to find it in your local Walgreens! When I first got the palette and swatched everything, I didn't think I had similar eyeshadows to compare to until I found a forgotten MAC palette that had lots of comparables inside.


And here's how they compare in eyeshadow form.


I wasn't able to find any comparable eyeshadows to the matte white and the matte terracotta peach. I also figured that many of us already own a matte black and that there wasn't a need to compare it to anything. All of the comparisons were done over Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte Primer, dry, and in daylight.

On the left is Wet n Wild, on the right is Kryolan's TK2 Eyeshadow. They appeared a little more similar in real life but the Kryolan is more minty than spring green.


Wet n Wild on the left, MAC Electric Eel on the right. This looked very similar in the pans but there are subtle differences. The Wet n Wild eyeshadow had much more of a satin sheen to it versus the MAC eyeshadow which is more matte. Electric Eel is a little brighter in real life.


I tried to find as many purples as I could to do a comparison. The order from left to right is the I Heart Matte shade, then the matte eggplant purple from the Wet n Wild Lust 6-pan eyeshadow palette, then MAC Violet Trance, and lastly the purple from Wet n Wild Dancing in the Clouds.

The I Heart Matte shade is red based versus Violet Trance which is a little more blue based. The Lust palette shade isn't similar and is way more eggplant and the Dancing in the Clouds shade is basically pathetic.


I actually posted a comparison between the I Heart Matte nude shade and Wet n Wild Brulee in my swatch post of the palettes before and so I thought I'd repost them here. I Heart Matte on the left, Brulee on the right. Brulee looks a little bit lighter than the I Heart Matte shade but they're basically the same in real life.


Lastly I compared the brown in the I Heart Palette to the brown in the Wet n Wild On Cloud Nine trio and nope they're not similar shades at all.


If you haven't yet, scour your local Walgreens to find this palette! It's completely worth the $4.99 you'll spend!


  1. I love the blues in that palette!
    Great post!


  2. Love the comparisons :D I think the Kryolan's TK2 looks really gorgeous!

  3. Doesn't look like there are any real good dupes for some of the colors, but some are close. Thanks for the comparison! I did just pick up the last matte palette the other day at the closest Walgreens to me. But I'm going to be sending it off to a blogger friend!

  4. Well, if all of you guys over there are having trouble finding this then I'm pretty sure I don't even stand a chance. =)


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