imPress Press-On Manicure Review

After seeing lots of reviews showing off these imPress Press-On Manicure nails in the Influenster Holiday 2011 VoxBox, I was really intrigued and excited to try it out. After wearing it for a little bit though, I can't say that they're a product for me.

I got the set in the color Lil'Drumr Girl, which is a bright hot pink with zebra print. These retail for $5.99 for the solid colors and $7.99 for the patterned nails and there are 36 colors and patterns to choose from.


They're packaged in a very cute way, in a plastic nail polish bottle style container. There was a black cap that you twisted off before pulling apart the container that had the nails inside.

These have several claims of having no drying time, a superior and lasting shine, easy removal and can last up to a week. I'd say they do live up to the claims. They were shiny, easy to remove (I was able to easily peel off some of them and the rest I could take care of with nail polish remover), and they had no dry time. I didn't wear them for a week though so I can't attest to that claim.

Application was amazingly easy. You sized the nails out, prepped your nail with the included prep pad, pulled off the plastic sticker covering the adhesive, and stuck it on your nails.


Unfortunately, my biggest issue with this was the sizing. I have rather small hands and nails and it was difficult for me to get a proper fit. They only had two size options for the thumbs and both were too big. The next size down was too rounded at the cuticle to fit well. They're also really long for me.

For someone who has longer nails, I don't think this'll be an issue but for me personally, the adhesive tab on the fake nail went past the free edge of my real nail. I didn't wear them for very long but I was a little worried about potentially collecting dust and gunk underneath the nail.

Some of the nails weren't perfectly cut at the ends and so were a little rough compared to the other nails in the set. Hopefully you can see how it looks from the picture.


Lastly, I had trouble removing the plastic sticker covering the adhesive. Some of the adhesive tabs got slightly warped because the adhesive and plastic stick stuck together and took a lot of force to get apart.

I'd really like to see more sizing options, the rest of the issues I could probably get over if they fit well on me. I think though that they do look fake, and not in the good way. They're thick but I think it can be difficult to get proper thin press on nails. I think if you have longer and bigger nails, then I think these would fit you.

For someone who may want to wear these for a special event, I would recommend this because of its ease of use (presuming you don't have any size issues of course).

Would I purchase? Maybe if they came out in smaller size but until then, probably not.

Have you tried these nails out before?

Disclaimer: I received these nails to test through Influenster's VoxBox! I wasn't paid to write this post and all opinions are my own.


  1. I have the same trouble with mine. I absolutely love the pattern they sent me (Wink, Wink), but the thumb sizes were too wide for my nails and the next size down just didn't fit right. I haven't actually applied them yet because I've never used press on nails and I didn't know if they would mess up the top of my nail. I didn't want to have to wait for them to grow out to have smooth polish again. My daughter likes them, so we may test them out on her.

  2. Oh wow, are they like fake nails with adhesive already attached? >.< That's the only issue with these sorts of thing I think.. they don't cater to all nail sizes (considering that's actually a lot) but they look pretty cool :D

  3. I have sizing problems with any pre-made nail product, too.

    And I haven't found thin (and not too rounded) fake nails, either.

    I don't know what they look like in person, but I like the way they look on you in that photo :) .

  4. They are wonderful. I'm a nail biter and can't get to the salon on a regular basis to have fake nails applied, plus I don't like long nails. I get dressed up to go out, I stick these on in a subtle color and they look great. When they start bugging me, I can yank them off without pain or damage. For me, and I'm pretty sure and lot of people they are the answer to,having pretty nails quickly.

    Now for,the negative. It's hard to find anything negative as they are pretty much a perfect product for me, but the sizes are weird. For instance, my middle nail is hard to fit and there is only two in 24 that fits that nail. So , I will of be able to get two applications out of a package and for that reason, that's the second negative....price. 5 bucks for manicure for one or two nights is pricey. If I could get two applications would make it perfect.

    Thanks for the read!

  5. they are horrible the sizes dont fit right unless you have a huge pinky nail!!! u can see your regular colored fingernail underneith through the tip and they pop off like crazy, i did mine last night and im already missing 3!!! Not to mention if your a MOM of a small child STAY AWAY FROM THESE NAILS!!!! I have a 8 month old baby and i was about to put her into her crib when i noticed one of the nails had popped off and was in her crib!!! they can come off in the babys clothes and can be a choking hazard!!!! they make me very nervous i had to keep checking all day to make sure i didnt lose any! just incase the baby got a hold of em and god knows babys put EVERYTHING in their mouth!!! so my advice is stay away from these "PRESS ON NAILS" stick the the Sally Hanson Nail Strips, they are AWESOME!!! they last a LONG time and look Great and are easy to put on too!!! and you dont have to chop off the lenth of your nails to use them like you do with the impress press on nails!!!


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