Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off Face Mask Review

When I think of Montagne Jeunesse, I think of a brand with eccentric, sort of outdated packaging and a hard to pronounce name. I've tried some of their face masks before but never one of the peel off face mask. After trying it out, I have to say that I'm an utter fan and I need more. This is quite possibly the coolest peel off face mask ever.

The packaging looks very much outdated and I'm wondering why the model looks like she's got a purple face mask on when in reality, the peel off mask looks nothing like that.


The Passion Peel Off comes off as a translucent pink jelly that smells excellently fruity. Do ignore my wrinkled fingers!


The instructions say to slather on and leave for 15-20 minutes. After I put it on and as it was drying, it made my face look like a sunburned Borg Queen. No pictures because I looked crazy.

When it came time to take it off, it was amazingly easy to peel off. It all came off in one piece (except for the areas where I applied a thinner layer). After it came off, my face felt smoother and I haven't noticed any adverse reactions to the product after several days!

The trial packet had the perfect amount which brings me to my only annoyance about these masks and that's the size of the full size packets. It comes with too much product for one person. I feel wasteful using it sometimes because I'll feel like I've covered my face with enough product and there's still tons of product left. It doesn't help that because it's stored in a packet, there's no proper way of storing the leftover product.

You can get this online or in stores. The price will vary in stores but I believe I've seen the masks retail for about $1.99.

I would definitely repurchase!

Have you tried out any Montagne Jeunesse Products?

Disclaimer: This was sent to me in my Influenster VoxBox. I wasn't paid to write this post and all opinions are my own!


  1. Never tried it, but I love the idea of masks peeling off :) Bet it smells amazing!

  2. For the full size, I just roll it down and use a binder clip to save the rest! Never had a problem with it going to waste. I get 2-3 uses out of each packet.

  3. @Peace, Love and Sparkles!

    I actually just read your post and saw your hint about the binder clip! I don't know why I never thought about it before but I'll have to try that

  4. never tried, i've seen them though! i was always put off by their odd and kinda 'ugly' packaging lol I think I might wanna try this after your review though =P haha, you have successfully converted me into trying one out! ^^

  5. You should try the Lady Soma brand "Antioxidant Berry Masque". It works great, smells great, is all organic and is about 4x cheaper than any other enzyme peel on the market (because it is half the price and twice the size).

    It made a huge difference on my skin and I would recommend it to anyone who has acne or a dull, bumpy complexion. It does sting a bit, but it's supposed to do that and its not so bad. And afterward it feels great.


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