MAC Shop Shop Shop/Cook Cook Cook Promo Images!

Third post of the day! I don't usually talk about upcoming MAC collections but I had to post about this upcoming February 2012 collection, otherwise known as "The Return of the Tendertones!"

You can get more information on this Specktra page regarding the number and kinds of products that will be released in the collection. I got this information via a postcard in the mail, inviting me to an event at the end of January. Please do not repost these images, I'd prefer it if you'd just link back to this post and the Specktra page!

The front of the postcard.

The back of the postcard.


The products featured in the collection!

Be sure to check the Specktra page (linked up there) to get more information on the collection!


  1. That looks like a fun collection. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. This entire collection screams "gender roles!" and like it's setting women's rights back a couple years and nobody's seeing this, oy. This is just like the Rodarte collection all over again.

    Seriously, MAC. You couldn't come up with anything better than SHOP SHOP SHOP COOK COOK COOK?

  3. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a throwback to the 50s, but I don't have all the information on the collection. I would like to see them explain themselves on the topic!

  4. Looks like a blast from the past haha very interesting :3

  5. I don't see any connection between this collection and the Rodarte collection. I think you are being ridiculous. This collection doesn't scream gender roles to me at all. It's creative, colorful, imaginary and fun. If you are so serious about what the theme means, why are you on a makeup site? Makeup is suppose to be fun. It's a shame that people have to take things to levels that are uncalled for.

  6. @Maribella

    I think that MAC are potentially toeing a fine line depending on how they're marketing the collection. I don't have any official information so I can't speak on their inspirations for the collection.

    We're allowed our opinions and certainly allowed to interpret things the way we see fit! I think it is certainly possible to see how this could be potentially offensive to some. Thank you for your comment!

  7. Can't wait to see the lipsticks!!


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