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This blogger isn't new to be actually but someone I recently rediscovered. Beauty and the BS is a blog written by the witty Rowena, a former cosmetics industry insider. She's the source for inside views on topics like why companies will discontinue your favorite shades and their efforts to release new products to convince you to buy them. She goes into what really goes into the statistics behind product claims and the definition of "difference" when it comes to how well your product works.

I love the writing style, how she peels back the layer of cosmetics industry intrigue and lays it all out bare. You'll find out who REALLY makes your lip and eye pencils along with what mascaras are really like.

Take the time to look through her popular posts, it will enlighten you about what you're really putting on your face.

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Do you have any recommendations for videos and posts I should look at?


  1. Thanks for the link to the Beauty and BS blog. I wasn't aware of her, but I'm going to have to check out her popular makeup posts! The Jill Stuart collection looks very elegant! And thanks for the blog love! :)

  2. I love Beauty and the BS! I discovered the site just a few months ago and basically stayed up all night reading!

  3. And here I go again haha! Thanks for the insider link, I'm pretty bored at the moment and need a good read.

    You're aiming towards your 400th subscriber, you can do it!

  4. Cool! Thanks for the shout out Mai!!!

    Beauty and BS is new to me, so I'm gonna check it out!

  5. The Jill Stuart cosmetics look beautiful. I don't think they're available in my area but one can hope they will be someday. :)


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