BFTE Cosmetics Emerald Bliss and Poodle Pandemonium: Eyeshadow Swatches, Photos, and an EOTD

At IMATS LA, I had the lovely privilege of meeting the owners of BFTE Cosmetics; Crystal and Matthew and their niece Kristy. With the chaos of the show, I completely forgot to get some eyeshadows on Friday and Saturday. I elected Alyson to get me two, Emerald Bliss and Poodle Pandemonium, pro colors that were created with none other than Phyrra. Emerald Bliss was created in response to Pantone's Color of the Year being Emerald.

These are their Pro Eyeshadows, different from their mineral eyeshadows as these have some extra dyes, carnauba wax, and a few other ingredients in the formula. I quite like the addition of the carnauba wax as I feel like the shadows have great adhesion and the other ingredients seem to have given the eyeshadows quite a bit of depth. Emerald Bliss and Poodle Pandemonoium aren't available yet but I do believe they will be soon.

Where to purchase: BFTE Cosmetics
Price: Samples are .5 grams for $2.00 and full size is 1-3 grams for $6.50. 
Cruelty Free? They are cruelty-free.
Packaging: Samples are packaged in 3 gram jars and full sizes are packaged in a silver rimmed 5 gram jar with a sifter.

Emerald Bliss on the left, Poodle Pandemonium on the right.

BFTE Emerald Bliss and Poodle Pandemonium


These were done dry over UD Primer Potion Original and pictures were taken in natural daylight.

BFTE Emerald Bliss and Poodle Pandemonium

Emerald Bliss is a true emerald with tons of sparkle. 

Poodle Pandemonium is a deep magenta with a blue sheen and lots of gold sparkle. To ensure the gold sparkle adheres, I'd probably apply this over a glitter fixative (I'm partial to Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy and Darling Girl's Glitter Glue)

I own Emerald City from the limited edition Wizard of Oz-Some Collection so I figured I'd compare it against Emerald Bliss. Compared to Emerald Bliss, Emerald City is much lighter, spring green and is more shimmery than sparkly. Emerald Bliss is more of a truer emerald. I know they make a color called Emerald but I don't own it so I can't compare them.

BFTE Emerald Bliss and Poodle Pandemonium

Oh and here's a quick EOTD I did using both Emerald Bliss and Poodle Pandemonium. I swept Poodle Pandemonium on as opposed as patting it on as I wanted the deeper base color with less of the sparkles. I used the flash for the photos so unfortunately it ate up the brilliant sparkle in Emerald Bliss. (I posted this look on my Facebook page first so you might have seen it there too!)

Emerald Bliss and Poodle Pandemonium

Do you like the looks of either Emerald Bliss or Poodle Pandemonium?

Disclaimer: I purchased these products myself. I am not being compensated for writing this post. All opinions are honest and mine.


  1. Poodle Pandemonium is a lovely colour :)

  2. I got Poodle Pandemonium when it was Color of the Week last week and I'm glad I did, it's such a pretty color! I have many pinks but the copper sparkles really make it special. Emerald Bliss looks lovely as well! I have Emerald, it's one of my fave colors. I think it would be a bit darker than Emerald Bliss.

    Thanks for the swatches!

  3. Yay glad to see you swatch them both :) Great look!


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