Venomous Cosmetics Spaced Out Collection Eyeshadow & Lip Poison Swatches and Review

Today's post is going to be swatches of the rest of the Venomous Cosmetics Spaced Out Eyeshadows and Lip Poisons (I reviewed two of the colors previously here and here). I gotta catch up with pictures from ISSE Long Beach plus finishing up reviews of the things I got at IMATS LA so those will be up soon. The winner of my Winter Essentials giveaway will be announced soon too!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these swatches of the Spaced Out Collection.

Where to purchase: Venomous Cosmetics
  • For the loose eyeshadows: Samples are 1/4 tsp for $1.00 and full size is a 5 gram jar for $6.50. 
  • For the lip poison: Three minis are $10.00 with 3.5mL for each and full sizes are $6.00 for 7.8mL
Cruelty Free? They are cruelty-free.
  • For the loose eyeshadows: Samples are packaged in a plastic ziploc bag and full sizes are packaged in a 5 gram jar with a sifter.
  • For the lip poisons: The minis and full size glosses are packaged in cylindrical plastic tubes with silver accents and a doefoot applicator.

Eyeshadows were swatched dry over Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and both the lip swatch and eyeshadow swatches were taken in natural daylight.

For the Spaced Out Collection

Loose Eyeshadows

Venomous Cosmetics Spaced Out Collection collage

Atmospheric: "Rich blue with blue and red sparks" Okay you need to get this, I am telling you please. This is a deep blue and though it's difficult to see, there were amazing gold and copper sparks to the color that sparkled so well.

Space Station: "Grayed out purple shimmer" The base is a gray-purple with hints of a blue and silver sheen. This would be great for smoking out a smoky eye.

Satellites: "Medium purple with blue sheen" This is similar to January's Color of the Month but this is a less brighter, maybe a slightly redder purple with blue sparkles instead of gold ones. I found this a little difficult to apply though it's honestly typical of purples. Be sure to pat it on to get it to look well.

Lip Poison

Zero Gravity

Venomous Cosmetics Zero Gravity Lip Poison

Zero Gravity: "Pink to aqua iridescence" This is a milky baby pink with a beautiful aqua iridescence. This isn't a color I'd wear on its own since it's so milky that it sinks into lip lines but since the aqua iridescence is so pretty, it's be great as a topper for other lip products.

The lip poison formula typically wears around three to four hours on me.

Final Thoughts

Atmospheric is most definitely a must-have from me. Space Station is pretty too but not a complete must-have.

Are any of the colors catching your eye?

Disclaimer: I was sent samples of these products for review. I was not compensated for the review and none of the links are affiliate links. All opinions are mine and honest.

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