Chiming down to IMATS LA 2013

It feels weird to be talking about IMATS LA now because I feel like it just happened (well technically it did since it was only just six months ago). They switched dates with IMATS London because of some issues the London show had had last year with the weather and since LA is pretty much temperate all year round, it seemed most logical. I won't be attending as press this year so unfortunately I gotta wait in line and the weather hasn't been so kind this winter. 

I feel so excited for this year's show since there are a few indie brands premiering for the first time. BFTE Cosmetics, an indie mineral makeup brand I've mentioned ages before on the blog and have been following basically since their inception are having a booth there and my fellow beauty blogger friend Phyrra is gonna be working there.

Makeup Geek, who I've watched on Youtube on and off for a few years is also debuting their makeup line and I'm quite in love with the Electric Gel Liner (it reminds me of MAC Royal Wink which has been long discontinued)

and of course Sugarpill Cosmetics. Ever since I saw pictures of the Pillkitty keychain, I've needed to have it. Sad to say that I'm way too cheap to pay the $5.00 in shipping for the $6.00 keychain. I missed out on the Saint Lashes last year and I'm determined to pick it up this year. 

Other brands I've been scoping are Sigma Beauty (20% discount ain't bad), Embryolisse (there are only so many tubes I can get my family in France to send me), Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (I'm sad they discontinued Belladonna lip tar though), and many more on the list.

I've been saving up my money and with grad school applications all paid for and most of my school fees, so I can spend a bit of money on makeup though I don't expect to get much. It's also a bit tough with ISSE Long Beach the weekend after which is massively huge and has so many more vendors (though they have more skincare, haircare, and nail related products)

I'm looking forward to hanging out with so many of my fellow beauty blogger/vloggers. I met so many last year and got to spend the day hanging about while enabling each other to get more makeup (that I'm sure many of didn't really need).

Do you have any plans to attend IMATS LA?


  1. Just curious - is IMATS open to the public? I've never been but I would love to go someday!

    1. IMATS is open to the public. There are a few shows around the US throughout the year so hopefully there's one close to you!

  2. The PillKitty Keychain is adorable in real life, you won't regret picking it up. I hope you get the Saint lashes this time around Mai :)


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