Shiro Cosmetics Holiday Glosses Lip Swatches and Review

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I'll give a brief reprieve from the IMATS LA posts by posting a few reviews that I kept forgetting to post about. School kind of snuck up on me and starts today (my long day, I've got class from 1-9:45 nonstop basically) plus ISSE Long Beach on Saturday meaning I'm going to be busy busy this week. I hope you enjoy the post!

Christmas is long over but it's still not too late to review some Christmas themed goodies. The lovely LiAnn of Sparklecrack Central (who has one of the most comprehensive indie eyeshadow archives I've ever seen and whom I got to meet at IMATS LA!) held a giveaway for these Shiro Cosmetics Holiday Glosses during her month-long Beauty Blog Advent Calender in December and I was lucky enough to win. I have tried one or two of Shiro Cosmetics's eyeshadows and own two of their Intertubes but I hadn't tried out their glosses before. 

These are limited edition, going on sale at the end of January and they'll be down permanently until the next year at the end of February.

Shiro Cosmetics Holiday Glosses

Where to purchase: Shiro Cosmetics

Price: $7.00 for 10mL.  You can save $1.00 by buying all three in a set for $20.00

Cruelty Free? They are cruelty-free.

Packaging: These are plastic tubes with a gold cap and doefoot applicator. I do adore doefoot applicators but I did find that the wiper wasn't that efficient and tended to leave extra product around the wand. If wasn't careful putting the wand back, sometimes the top of the tube got messy. The labels for each color are all different and the artwork on them very cute and themed after A Christmas Story.

Product Description: "Our much-loved lipgloss formula is back with three new Holiday colors inspired by A Christmas Story!"

My Thoughts on the Formula/Wear Time:

There are three colors available: Leg Lamp, Red Ryder, and Triple Dog Dare and each have their own flavor and opacity. Leg Lamp and Triple Dog Dare are said to be "sheer to moderately opaque depending on application" and Red Ryder is said to be "sheer to fully opaque depending on application". The glosses have a thinner formula that's not too slick and there is some tack to them so it stays on your lips without feeling heavy and the colors themselves have a nicely tinted base. I also found my lips to feel very soft after wearing so they are moisturizing.

Using the doefoot applicator, I found that I could only get sheer coverage. To get heavier coverage, apply the glosses with your finger. I can appreciate that the lip glosses have swatches on the website, though the ones on the website are of a heavier application. Each have a different flavor, toffee, peppermint bark, or sugarplum. I personally didn't like the toffee or sugarplum scent but I liked the peppermint as I've always been really partial to it. If you don't like the scent, you don't have to worry as it did fade away after a few minutes. 

Wear time was about three hours. 

Shiro Cosmetics Holiday Glosses


Pictures taken in natural daylight. With the one layer swatches, I applied the lip gloss using the applicator and in the heavily applied swatches, I used my fingers with two or three layers.

Leg Lamp

Shiro Cosmetics Leg Lamp

Leg Lamp: "Shimmery true gold" The flavor is toffee. With just one layer, you get a light shimmer of gold. When you heavily apply it, the color turns a little more metallic but much of your natural lip color still shines through.

Red Ryder

Shiro Cosmetics Red Ryder

Red Ryder: "Bright candy-red with silver sparkle" The flavor is peppermint bark (contains peppermint oil and may have a mild stinging/plumping effect) I was a little disappointed with Red Ryder because I was hoping for it to be really opaque. The base is a little too translucent to really build up opaque coverage. I loved the scent though. There was a very mild sting to it but it eventually dissipated.

Triple Dog Dare

Shiro Cosmetics Triple Dog Dare

Triple Dog Dare: "Dusty shimmery plum with beigey undertones" The flavor is sugarplum. This is a bit of a weird color, a sheer plum with subtle pink sparkles.  I think this gloss would be a great one to layer over another color to deepen it. I think it doesn't look as good with one layer as the gloss does sink a bit into lip lines.

Final Thoughts

I'm honestly quite intrigued by the glosses and while I liked the formula, I was disappointed in the opacity of Red Ryder which I had hoped would be more opaque, especially since it appears to be on the website. Price-wise, they're really competitive compared to other indie glosses considering how much you get and I'd like to see them expand the line into other colors, maybe to also accompany some of their existing eyeshadow collections. I would like them to be more opaque. Their intertubes do really well as a lipbalm/lipstick hybrid so I'm not too surprised at the reception the lip glosses are having. The glosses felt quite nice on my lips, thin but with not too much slip, though I kind of wish the wiper worked better because the top of my gloss tube is getting a bit sticky. 

Disclaimer: I received these glosses as a gift. All opinions are my own and honest. I wasn't compensated for the review and none of the links in the post are affiliate links.


  1. I'm glad you got these for free; I would have been disappointed if it were me and I paid money for these. I can't say I'm impressed. The opacity is disappointing as well as how Triple Dog Dare settles into the lines of your lips. This is why winning giveaways is awesome. You get to try something and if you don't like it, you didn't spend anything on it.

    1. Yeah the opacity for Red Ryder is definitely disappointing, especially since it looks so opaque in the website swatch.

  2. I really like Red Ryder! Mai, you really do have some of the BEST lip swatches ever.

  3. Leg Lamp looks really pretty and useful, but I agree with Judi - I think a little more opacity would be nice, but that's just me.


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