Darling Girl Cosmetics Stardust Collection with Promo Swatches

Darling girl cosmetics stardust collection

Darling Girl Cosmetics' shop has opened up for the new year and they're starting off with a bang by showcasing their new Stardust collection. These are color changing glitter dust and described as:

"Multifaceted pearlescent pigments with color shifting properties create an almost holographic effect. Stardusts reflect two to three different colors as the light angles change.  These are shimmery, glittery and shiny all at once.  Simply stunning!

These are similar to the Rainbow Brite shades but better, shinier, sparklier and more glitterific! These are pure iridescent pigments so a good primer and sticky base are a must!"

These are NOT eligible for the Mix & Match sets. These will be a little more expensive than her regular eyeshadows at $7.00 for the full size with 1/2 tsp but are packaged in very cute double walled cube jars with a sifter seal.

You can get these on Storenvy or their Main Site

There are six shades available: Callisto, Charon, Galatea, Miranda, Phobos, and Prometheus.

darling girl cosmetics stardust on main site

Here are swatches provided by Darling Girl Cosmetics. The Stardusts appear to be swatched over a black base and the pictures do a great job at showing off the shift.

darling girl cosmetics stardust collection product photo

Callisto: Pale baby blue with shift from gold, green, blue and red. I mostly see a green, gold, blue shift but play around with different lighting and you are sure to see some other hues come a live.

Charon: Pale turquoise blue that has colors shifts from blue, red to purple. I see mostly blue to purple but play around with different lighting and you are sure to see some more hues come alive.

Galatea: Baby pink with color shifts from gold, green, blue to orange. Play with Galatea in different lighting and see what hues you see!

Miranda: Fluffy creame with orange flecks and color shifts from indigo, purple, red and orange. Play with Miranda in different lighting and angles and see what hues you find!

Phobos: Pale orange with color shifts from blue, purple gold to red. Play with Phobos in differently lighting and see how many hues you can find.

Prometheus: Cream with color shifts from red, gold, blue to purple. Play with Prometheus in different lighting and angles and see what hues you can find!


Are there any that are catching your eye?


  1. I love darling girl eyeshadows! I bought a few from their rainbow brite collection but these look prettier! I am hanging out for their Matt eyeshadows to come out this month :) thanks for sharing Mai!


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