Fyrinnae 50s Retro Collection Eyeshadows, Finishing Powder, and Lip Lustre Swatches, Review, and Photos

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Fyrinnae recently came out with a 50s Retro themed collecting consisting of six eyeshadows, a finishing powder, and two lip lustres. I picked up one eyeshadow, the finishing powder, and both lip lustres myself and received one of the other eyeshadows in the collection as a free sample. The eyeshadows, finishing powder, and lip lustres are more subdued than what Fyrinnae is typically known for but I think it was a nice change of pace for them! 

From left to right: Hollywood Sorcery Finishing Powder, 1952 Lip Lustre, Housework Pearls, Glamorous Rebel, and It Beautifies!

Fyrinnae 50s Retro Collection Swatches

Where to purchase: Fyrinnae.com 
Eyeshadows: $2.25 for a 1/3 tsp mini, $6.25 for 3 grams (by weight) of eyeshadow for full sizes.
Finishing Powder: $7.00 for 7 grams (by weight) in a 10 gram jar and $1.50 for a 1/3 tsp sample.
Lip Lustres: $2.00 for a 1.5 mL trial size, $7.00 for 10mL. I've gotten more than 3-5 applications in the trial sizes FYI.
Do they test on animals? They do not test on animals. All their products are vegan.

The eyeshadow and finishing powder minis are in a 3 gram jar with no sifter and the lip lustre trial sizes are in a lilliputian lipgloss tube with a doe foot applicator. The full size eyeshadows come in a 5 gram jar with no sifter, the finishing powder in a 10 gram jar, and the lip lustres in a full size gloss tube with doefoot applicator.


I'll talk about each product after every swatch. All pictures were taken in natural daylight. The eyeshadow swatches were swiped on dry over Milani Eyeshadow Primer. The finishing powder was swiped on with a blush brush and the lip lustres applied using the applicator.


Fyrinnae Hollywood Pearls and It Beautifies!

Housework Pearls: "Soft satiny peach with a gentle gleam, but no shimmer". I wouldn't really call this color peach as I tend to associate that with a more orangey color. This color actually reminds me of the pink/red blush that you see on peaches. The color does have a beautiful satin-ness to it.

It Beautifies!: "Softly gleaming bronze, a tone preferred by 4 out of 5 movie stars! No sparkle but a powerful yet graceful shimmer" I love coppery bronzes and this is no exception. It's almost metallic on the eyes.

Finishing Powder

btw it's super hard to do a good job photographing the effect of something described as a transparent soft glow.

Fyrinnae Hollywood Sorcery Finishing Powder

Hollywood Sorcery: "A completely transparent soft bronze glow, not sparkle, that doubles as a light-diffusing powder. May add a slight hue to pale skin." I sort of got this with the intention of trying to stave off my desire for the recently hyped Hourglass Ambient Powders. 

I think the biggest thing about this is that the effect is subtle, it's not like a highlighter where your skin immediately takes on a light capturing sheen. I was worried that it might look terrible on my large pores but thankfully since it lacks sparkle and has a soft glow to it, it doesn't highlight my skin texture. This isn't a product that you can overapply, it builds up well without making you look super highlighted on the skin.

My skintone is light-medium/medium and I did notice a slight bronze hue to my skin and when Phyrra swatched it, it was more prominent on her fair skin tone.

Hopefully you can see the effects of the finishing powder in this picture. The black line indicates where the bare skin ends and the finishing powder begins. You can really see the difference with the sheen.

Fyrinnae Hollywood Sorcery Finishing Powder

I'm not sure it's for everyone since some people might like to see a more dramatic effect but I think it's worth getting a sample of just to try out. 

Lip Lustres

If you've never tried a lip lustre before, it's worth reading up the product description as it is not a lip gloss. The overall color wear lasted 3-4 hours and faded evenly but unfortunately I noticed feathering after an hour. You will want to wear a clear or reverse lip liner with this. These will slightly stain. I did find these to be moisturizing.


(I know, my skin looks really weird in this swatch but my camera wasn't capturing the tone correctly so I adjusted it slightly in Photoshop.)

Fyrinnae 1952 Lip lustre swatch

1952: "Very bright warm red. It may appear almost orange on some skintones, while leaning cool on others." This was two coats. The color is very very orangey-red, almost more orange than red. I agree with the description that this is a color that'll vary depending on your skintone and also the pigmentation of your lips. It pulls very very warm on me but I saw this picture by Lili_Victoire on Twitter where it pulls cooler on her. Compared to Glamorous Rebel, this was more pigmented and had an opaque coverage.

Glamorous Rebel

Fyrinnae Glamorous Rebel Lip Lustre

Glamorous Rebel: "Bright, rich cherry red. A cool huge but should work for most neutral and olive skin tones as well" This was two coats. Glamorous Rebel was the color I was looking forward to most and it didn't disappoint. This isn't fully opaque but that doesn't mean it's not pigmented. It's got a hint of a translucence to it, almost like jelly but not so sheer but with a squishiness to it (I can't really explain it!). In my experience, I couldn't build this up to opaque coverage like 1952 but thankfully it's even on the lips.

You can see in the hand swatch that Glamorous Rebel has a translucence to it that 1952 doesn't have.

Fyrinnae 1952 and Glamorous Lip Lustre

I really liked these lip lustres, much more than the previous two (Romantique and Isis) I'd gotten. In comparison, these were easier to use since I could pull out much more product from the tube and that might be because the product is thinner from the lack of shimmer. I want to be clear that I don't hate the other lip lustres I got, I just think I might like the cream colors better. Glamorous Rebel isn't as opaque as 1952 but it is my favorite of the two (I can't resist a cherry shade). The thinner texture makes it easier to pull out more product on the wand, but it makes it more prone to bleeding/feathering though t I do find these to be moisturizing. It's up to you really, if you can't stand products that bleed, stay away.

Final Thoughts

I think It Beautifies! and Hollywood Sorcery are worth at least trying out in a sample. I'd just get 1952 or Glamorous Rebel in a full size because they are beautiful colors (I'm more partial to Glamorous Rebel).


So what about you, are you thinking about getting anything from the 50s Retro Collection?

Disclaimer: I purchased these products myself, Housework Pearls was a free sample as part of my purchase. All opinions are my own and I'm not getting compensated for this review.


  1. The lip lustres are both gorgeous! I could do with picking some up :)

  2. 1952 looks gorgeous! But I have 10 million red lipsticks already :( I really like the look of Hollywood Sorcery too but never wear shimmery face stuff at all and worry that it might look a little dirty on my super pale skin :/

  3. I just received my fyrinnae order today, ordered the Hollywood Sorcery and a bunch of other full size products and it was amazing! I have medium dark skin and its just so glowy, but not overly so. Like a matte base with a slight glow. Pure awesomeness.

  4. Both lip lustres are pretty!

  5. It looked nice when Phyrra swatched it on her hand but hmm you're right, I do wonder how it'll look on pale skintone

  6. Oh yay, I'm glad you like Hollywood Sorcery!


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