The Makeup Show LA 2013 Recap Part Two

(Hello, I hope you've clicked through here from my Part One recap over at Phyrra's blog. If you haven't, check out my Part One recap of The Makeup Show LA of brands like Stila, NARS, Inglot, etc!)

Can I say again how much I enjoy going to The Makeup Show? It's just so exciting being able to interact with brand owners and creative directors without having to worry about massive crowds (and the discounts are nice too!). Being able to preview some of the new releases from some of these brands is perhaps the best part!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars

OCC featured their new Spring 2013 Sci-Fi Lullabies Colour Collection. This Blade Runner-inspired collection features several lip tars in their new Metallic formula with two in their typical creme formula. I was able to take close up pictures and swatches of these lip tars so feel free to check out my post here. The collection will be on sale tomorrow and I hope you find my swatches helpful when considering making a purchase (you should just get Power Plant for mixing). The lip tars finally have the names printed directly on the packaging now as opposed to on a sticker so hopefully this means that the names won't be smudged off anymore!

The Sci-Fi Lullabies Collection. Power Plant isn't part of the collection but it suits it so well.

OCC Sci-Fi Lullabies Spring 2013 Colour Collection

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Enkore Makeup/Pursebuzz

Enkore Makeup Pro Brush Soap

Koren and Elessa's booth was the first I went to when I got to the show. Koren was too nice to me and spoiled me by gifting me one of his brush soaps in Apricot Freesia (he wasn't selling that specific scent at the show but had many scents available). His brush soap finished their soft launch and will finally debut in a full launch in plastic flip-top containers for easier storage. The formula has slightly changed from the original brush soap I purchased back at IMATS but change is a good thing as it was to accommodate customers who were worried about the palm, coconut, and sweet almond oil. It's nice to see that Koren took his customers' feedback to heart and that it won't compromise the performance of the soap. The combined soap/loofah is such a good idea and a great alternative if you're like me and not willing to shell out $40.00 on a glorified silicone oven mitt ;) I also got two glitters from Violet Voss courtesy of the show so I'll be trying those out too.



I always have to make a point to stop by Embryolisse's booth. The owners are always so nice and it's just fun to say hello. My family in France usually visits every year or two so I usually get my Embryolisse fix from them. The brand will be on Hautelook today* so if you're interested on getting your hands on them through there, you can! Robyn of Purely Cosmetics was there too; someday I'll get my hands on that Diamond Powder of hers.

Jacks Beauty Line

Jack's Beauty Line

Jacks Beauty Line is a line of makeup brushes from Miriam Jacks, a makeup artist from Berlin who runs Jacks Beauty Department. These brushes with its speckled handles are Jackson Pollack's dream. The handles themselves are actually handrolled by Miriam Jacks so all of them are unique prints. The brushes themselves felt quite soft and sturdy, they looked really interesting!

Ellis Faas

Ellis Faas Cosmetics

If I could sum up the brand Ellis Faas in one word, it'd have to be luxurious, in two words luxuriously sleek. These silver bullet-shaped pens house a click-pen mechanism dispensing all types of liquid eye, face, and lip products. No doubt, these are an investment but I'm thoroughly enjoying the Creamy Lips pen I received courtesy of the show. 

Senna Cosmetics

Senna Cosmetics Eyeshadows and Blushes

Senna Cosmetics is most known most for their brow products but their eyeshadows are worth a look. The blushes are more on the natural side but have a great mixture of matte and satins that are flattering for light to medium skintones. The eyeshadows were all very pigmented and had I had the budget, I would have picked up one of the Haute Nudes palettes.

Senna Cosmetics

I hope you enjoyed this recap of the show. I have a backlog of stuff to review that I got at the show and I thoroughly can't wait until next year's show (assuming I'm close enough to attend!).

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