New Inglot Freedom System Colour Play Lipstick Swatches & First Impressions

When I was at The Makeup Show LA last weekend, I had the pleasure of previewing the new Colour Play lipsticks which will be added to the Freedom System and designed to fit into the Freedom System palettes. The lipsticks come in a range of ten bright colors within the rainbow spectrum (excluding red) and  there's even a white lipstick. If you follow me on Instagram (@ohmeohmai) you probably saw my preview swatches but I also took a better high quality photo.

These are premiering at Inglot stores, online, and select Macy's department stores tomorrow Saturday, March 9th. Each lipstick pan retails for $6.00 though I'm not sure how much product is in each pan. For $60.00, you can get a whole spectrum of colors! *Update! The press release I received said the pans would be $5.00 each but the information was incorrect as it is $6.00 online)

(Sorry for the dirty pans, they had already been picked over by the time I got to the Inglot booth!)

Inglot Colourplay Freedom System Lipsticks

Official product description:

"With their unique formulation and special ingredients these bold lipsticks will leave a scent of candy on your lips and the vitamin E and apricot kernel oil are sure to keep them moisturized and protected.  The formulation also allows for an easy and long lasting application and will not leave your lips feeling sticky.  All shades can be worn individually or mixed and blended to achieve that perfect colour"

My first impression of them is that they are quite creamy but still fairly pigmented.  I'm not sure about the longevity factor though as they appeared to stay creamy and not necessarily dry down. I didn't notice the candy scent when I was swatching though it may be more present if I swatch them on my lips. 


I swatched these using a doefoot applicator on the back of my hand and took the picture without flash. 

Inglot Colourplay Freedom System Lipsticks Swatches

91 is a bright, egg yolk yellow. 92 is a brilliant lime green, 93 is a  light teal, 94 is a light true blue with a hint of sky blue, 95 is a medium blue-toned purple, 96 is a light pink, 97 is a traffic cone orange, 98 is a darker pink, 99 is a medium red-toned purple, and 100 is a true white (with more of a satin or matte finish). All the colors are shimmerless.

If I had the freedom system palette, I'd be hesitant to keep one of these colors in with my eyeshadows for fear of any fallout contaminating the colors. I would have preferred the lipsticks available in the freedom system round pans like the other freedom system lipsticks so I could have a whole palette of lipsticks that went together as opposed to the square pans.


Do you like the looks of these lipsticks? Are you thinking of picking any up? Personally I like the idea of these pans because I think it's an economical way to have unconventional colors of lipsticks but I would have to make sure I had a way to store them to prevent them from getting dirty. $6.00 is a fabulous price to get a pan of the lipstick colors. I do wish they swapped out one of the pinks for a black lipstick instead so I could better darken some of the colors.

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  1. I agree, black would be nice, but I'm loving these color options! Seems like they could be mixed to customize colors too. If they offer full, opaque coverage on the lips I really think I'll have to get myself some of these! Thanks for the swatches!

    1. I really like how they did the lipstick pictures in the promo stand, the purple and orange look like a sunset together on the lips. I was thinking about grabbing one at the Makeup Show but since I didn't I'll have to get one at my local Inglot store or Macy's (assuming they have it)

  2. I need to buy these. All of them, yep tomorrow. Lol Great pics Mai!

    ♥ Stephanie

  3. These colors are insanely pigmented! :D I like the idea that it's $5 per pan as well!

  4. Actually Mai, black isnt included for a reason--it isn't necessary! According to the wiki age on color theory:

    "Another practice when darkening a color is to use its opposite, or complementary, color (e.g. violet-purple added to yellowish-green) in order to neutralize it without a shift in hue, and darken it if the additive color is darker than the parent color. "

  5. This. Is. Amazing. Colors like this would be perfect for my kit.

  6. I am sooooo getting this! Thank you for posting the swatches!

  7. I would love these! But sadly my mind's set on OCC lip tars in RX and the primary yellow (darn, I can't remember the name!) since I'm not huge on ordering online and there's no Inglot store near me :(

  8. I could never pull off any of these colors! I do like the idea of them all being in a palette though.

  9. Oh gosh I need those purples and that lime green! Amazing! <3

  10. i love it, they look creamy, the colors are amazing, I would probably wear  them all, and the price is outstanding!!!


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