MakeupGeek Electric Gel Liner: Swatch, Review and Photos

One of the reasons why I was so excited to attend IMATS LA was because of the plethora of booths there, MakeupGeek being one of them. I had heard such great things about the gel liners and I sought them out in the hopes of getting one or two. I went back and forth on the ones there and finally decided to get Electric, a beautiful royal blue.

makeup geek electric gel liner

The gel liner is packaged in a purple and black box with pink and white leaf motifs that match the printing on the lid. There's a cutout on the back so you can see the label. Interestingly enough, the color applies more like a royal blue than the cobalt blue that it appears in the pot.   

Makeupgeek Electric Gel Eyeliner

There was a bit of confusion I had regarding its place of manufacturing and the amount in the gel liner. The box says Made in China whereas the gel liner says Made in USA so I asked customer service and they said that it's the box that's printed in China and the gel liner itself that's manufactured in the US. It's a bit weird to import the boxes in but that's how it is.

The label on the liner says that it contains 1.8 grams of product whereas the box says 3 grams. I again asked customer service and they told me that the label on the gel liner is a mistake and that there truly is 3 grams of product in the jars. I'm hoping that they'll fix this in future liners, especially if it's a known mistake.

Makeupgeek Electric Gel Eyeliner

Where to purchase: Makeup Geek (affiliate link)
Price: $7.99 for 3 grams / 0.1 oz
Do they test on animals? They do not test on animals.
Packaging: The liner is in round glass pot with a flat black plastic cap embossed with the white Makeup Geek label. The bottom of the pot has a label with the name, amount, and website information. I do like the glass pot since it tends to slow down drying if the lid is on tight.
Product Description: Get the same precision as a liquid liner with our easily applied gel based liner. The eyeliners glide on with ease and dry to a water-resistant, smudge-proof finish that won't fade or crease. With their intense color and rich pigmentation, these long lasting liners are sure to make a standing impression.

My Thoughts on the Formula/Performance

Electric is described as a "true bright royal blue with a matte finish"

I adore the color but it's got a finicky formula that needs time to dry otherwise it'll transfer onto your eyelid. The consistency of the gel liner is kind of dry and tacky, not creamy, squishy, or gel-like so the claim that it glides on with ease is not true. It can be difficult to get a crisp pigmented thin line as it needs two passes to build up opaque coverage. It's almost opaque in one pass but to get the bright royal blue, you need two. The tackiness combined with the fact that you need to do two passes or more means you may end up waiting one to three minutes for it to dry. If you set it with an eyeshadow, it dries faster. Once the finish goes semi-matte instead of shiny, you'll know it's dry. I personally found that a pointed liner brush (as opposed to a flat or angled brush) was the best tool to apply the liner with. I disagree that it has a matte finish, it's not full-on shiny but there is quite the satin finish to it. I mentioned it above but the color in the pot is more cobalt than it appears on the lid.

Thankfully, the wear time is quite good on my oily hooded eyes. It lasted 8 hours no primer without transferring on my lid but that was only once I let it fully dry. If you don't let it dry, it's sure to crease easily. While it didn't fade or crease on my eyes, I did find it weird that as the day went on, the liner cracked in the inner corner. I don't agree that it has rich pigmentation as it does need two passes for opaque coverage. After letting it fully dry, it was smudgeproof on me. This does need an oil-based or dual phase makeup remover because it does stay quite strong on.

I did want to note that when I had opened the jar, the liner was slightly shrinking away from the sides of the pot. It's applied okay thus far but I'm a little worried about whether it'll be more difficult to apply in the future.


This swatch was two passes of the liner and the picture was taken in natural daylight.

Makeup Geek Electric Gel Liner Swatch

My Final Thoughts

I love the color but it doesn't live up to its claims of applying with ease with rich pigmentation. It does have a good wear time and is smudgeproof once dry but the tacky formula and the necessity for two coats leads to a long dry time which is big deterrent. I don't really have the patience for it. It does do better when set with an eyeshadow.

I'm not sure if I'll get more of the gel liners. From the reviews I'm reading, it does seem like it's just Electric that needs the long dry time and the rest seem to fare better. The brand does have a great variety in colors in both cream and shimmery formulas (and they have a taupe-like one!) so I might just wait for a sale to get more.

For anyone looking for a dupe of the color, Betty Girl Makeup suggested MAC Marine Blue Chromaline. Be sure to check out her post as it has swatches and a review of the other Makeup Geek Gel liners.

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Do you own any Makeup Geek Gel Liners?

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