Preview with Preliminary Swatches: Fyrinnae Cosmetics 1960s Retro Collection

If you loved my recent review of the Fyrinnae's 50s Retro Collection, then you'll love the next decade's followup of a 1960s Retro Collection. While the 50s Collection was all about subdued neutrals, the 1960s Collection brings back the bright with an amalgamation of eight beautifully bold eyeshadows and two pale lip lustres. 

The eyeshadows are Bollywood Babe, Equal Rights Shine, Space Age, London Mod, Pop Art Mini Skirt, Gender Bent, Polyester Witch, and Oh, My Stars! 

The lip lusters are It's a Mod World and Pleasant Valley Sundae.

The products will be available on Fyrinnae's website tomorrow, 3/31.

(Images courtesy of Fyrinnae)

fyrinnae 1960s retro collection


From left to right: Space Age, London Mod, Equal Rights Shine, Bollywood Base, Pop Art Mini Skirt, Gender Bent, Oh, My Stars! and Polyester Witch

fyrinnae eyeshadow swatches

The pairings indicate the type of effects that each eyeshadow has. For example, the orange and teal are paired together because the orange has a teal sparkle and the teal and orange sparkle and the pink and gold are paired together because the gold has a pink sparkle, the pink has a gold sparkle, etc!

Color descriptions:


Space Age: Satin minty green filled with blue sparkle
London Mod: Satiny light blue, a little warmer than cornflower filled with green sparkle.
Equal Rights Shine: Brilliant, shimmery warm gold, graced with pink sparkle.
Bollywood Babe: Satiny cool pink loaded with cheery gold sparkle.
Pop Art Mini Skirt: Bright sparkly orange, filled with turquoise sparkle.
Gender Bent: Vivid, deep, somewhat shimmery teal graced with bold orange sparkle.
Oh, My Stars!: Brilliant lime green filled with violet and purple sparkle.
Polyester Witch: Light violet graced with fun green sparkle.

Lip Lustres

It's A Mod World: Sheer glowing pink with a touch of pale violet sparkle.
Pleasant Valley Sundae: Sheer milky cream with lavender shimmer. 

Are any of the colors catching your eye? I'm personally partial to that teal and that violet!


  1. Polyester Witch looks absolutely stunning! EEK!

  2. Ack,want! I think I much prefer this to the 50's collection

  3. I know right? I'm not usually into purples with a green or blue flash but it does look beautiful!


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