Milani Flamingo Pose & Sangria Color Statement Lipstick Swatches and Review

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I could easily be accused of getting on the bandwagon when it comes to these Milani Color Statement lipsticks and you'd be right to think so. Milani revamped their Color Statement Lipstick line and came out with all sorts of pinks, reds, and even a few purples and I got my hands on two, Flamingo Pose and Sangria.

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Flamingo Pose and Sangria

Where to purchase: Milani Cosmetics, Drugstores
Price: $5.49 for .14 oz/3.97 grams
Do they test on animals? They do not test on animals.
Packaging: The lipsticks are packaged in a gold metal tube with a color swatch corresponding to the lipstick color at the bottom. Unfortunately, the packaging doesn't list which finish each lipstick is. If you're fastidious about fingerprints, you'll hate the packaging since it shows off fingerprints off like no other.
Product Description: Make a statement without saying a word! True Instant Color. One stroke, full coverage application. This next generation lipstick gives the ultimate in color, texture and finish. The lightweight creamy formula contains Vitamins A, C, & E to moisturize and nourish lips. Paraben-free. Available in Vinyl, Metallic, Cream, Shimmer, Pearl & Matte finish.

My Thoughts on the Formula:

I have mixed feelings on the lipsticks. First off, they've got a fruity synthetic scent that you can smell right off the bat when you open the tube. Thankfully it does dissipate some when you're wearing the lipsticks but if you're like me and picky about scents, it is a negative. In its favor, I adore the numerous colors and finishes available but I would like more info on some of the finishes and what differentiates them.

From what I can tell, the cream finish is shimmerless with some shine whereas the matte finish is also shimmerless with a flat finish; the matte is not a full on matte and has more of a satin finish. Flamingo Pose is the easier of the two to apply since it has more slip from the cream finish. Both colors actually look quite opaque on me but Sangria a little more so since it's a darker color. 

Wear time for both was about four hours+. I noticed that by the third hour, there was some feathering going on with Flamingo Pose though the color was still all there and strong. Sangria can be unforgiving; it's very persnickety so you have to have your lips perfectly exfoliated otherwise it sticks and darkens in any imperfections. Both colors stain badly, as in bright popsicle pink after only a few minutes.

If I had to pick a favorite, it'd be Sangria. It's definitely more particular about application but it is versatile since you can apply it lighter to get stain on your lips. Flamingo Pose isn't a bad color but I just prefer Sangria.

You can check out Rikki's post on the same two lipsticks (it was a coincidence I swear, I got Sangria first after mentioning purple lipsticks on Twitter and chatting with her about it and then I got Flamingo Pose after that).


The lipstick was applied directly from the tube and the pictures were taken in natural daylight with no flash.

Flamingo Pose

Milani Cosmetics Flamingo Pose

Flamingo Pose is described as a "Flamingo Coral". A blazingly bright pink, verging on near neon. It's sure to grab anyone's attention.


Milani Cosmetics Sangria 2

Sangria is described as a "Berry" and it's a deep rich berry purple, almost ranging on raisin. It applies more berry on your lips than the deep purple in the tube but it's even more purple in real life; it was a little difficult to capture the deeper tone on camera but this is fairly accurate. Lip pigmentation will play a large role in determining how deep it looks on you.

Final Thoughts

I'm willing to overlook the fruity synthetic scent for Sangria but I'm so-so on Flamingo Pose. It's not that Flamingo Pose isn't a beautiful color, it's just not doing it for me the way Sangria does though I'm liable to change my mind. I do urge you to check out the new Color Statement lipsticks as they seem to have been getting fairly universal praise. While Sangria requires perfectly exfoliated lips, the outcome is worth the effort in my opinion.


Have you tried any of the Color Statement lipsticks from Milani? Are any catching your eye?

Disclaimer: I purchased these lipsticks myself. All opinions are my own and I'm not being compensated for the post. None of the links in this post are affilate links!


  1. Love these shades! I have some of these lipsticks as well and can't wait to use them.

  2. Nice colors! I've heard so much about these new lippies, I'd love to try them. I keep looking everywhere for Violet Volt but none of the places I've been to carry it; they only ever seem to have the came display of only 20 out of 30 shades. :(

  3. I've not seen these new colours in Canada yet but look forward to trying them. I really like Flamingo Pose.

  4. Muy bonitos chica ;)

  5. I had to stop by because, and I mean this in a non-creepy way, you have the most gorgeous lips!! :)


  7. sangria is so pretty

  8. They're both beautiful! I really love Flamingo Pose, the hint of coral in it is just fantastic!


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