A Tale of Three Primers: Cover FX Blemish Treatment, Calming, and Mattifying Primers

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Summer is here in Southern California and it's starting to rear its hot head with a vengeance. At the same time, we've been having bouts of fluctuating cooler weather and even rain (always welcome during the drought). As a result, my skin hasn't been handling the changes well and has been becoming more acne-prone, oily, and irritated.

To try to handle that, I've been incorporating a few of the Cover FX Primers into my routine. Cover FX is unique in that they try to mix both skincare and makeup in their products. Even on days that I don't wear makeup, I try to add in the primers since they're multi-tasking. I wouldn't and don't recommend solely relying on your makeup to fulfill your skincare needs, but it's always nice to get a boost from what you're already wearing.

Blemish Treatment Primer: ($22.00 for .5 oz) This primer has both lactic acid and salicylic acid (.5%) to help combat acne and your pores. Since it's got both, you have to be sure to pair this with a sunscreen (which you should be anyway!). I use this in the morning as an extra fighter against my acne.

Calming Primer: ($38.00 for 1 oz) On days that I don't wear makeup, I have been adding in the Calming Primer on areas that have been especially mad at me. My acne was raging with a fury on my cheeks and it's been helping to calm the redness. You may want to consider adding this into your routine if you've got sensitive skin or any other easily irritated skin.

Mattifying Primer: ($16.00 for .5 oz, $38.00 for 1 oz) This primer is meant to be mattifying to the skin but unfortunately my skin has been too oily for it to mattify my skin for more than a few hours. Instead, I actually like using it on my mom whenever she has an event she has to go to. Her skin isn't quite as oily as mine so it helps to add a matte finish but not too matte. It's good for helping the foundation apply much easier on her. If you're not sure that you'll like it, the half size is oddly cheaper per oz than the full size.

So I reviewed three today but Cover FX actually has a few other face primer formulas in the line if these don't suit you:

Illuminating Primer ($38.00 for 1 oz)
SPF 30 Protection Primer ($38.00 for 1 oz)
Anti-Aging Primer ($38.00 for 1 oz)

I recently won the Illuminating and Anti-Aging Primer from Cover FX and hope to review it soon!

You can also pair all these primers with their new Cover FX Custom Color Drops. Though I don't own it yet, it's on my wishlist so I can turn the primers into my own tinted moisturizer or foundation (ready for whatever coverage I want for the day).

Since it's been hot during the summer, have you started using a primer in your makeup routine?
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