Life's Entropy Lip Theory Liquids: Swatches and Review

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Another product from Life's Entropy is their Lip Theory Liquids, their take on the OCC Lip Tars. These take the concept and dial it up to 11 by offering empty gloss tubes to custom mix colors and also a clear lip theory that lets you to mix any of their or your lip safe eyeshadows with. I appreciate how the concept really lets you customize the gloss you do want. These are a vegan product too.


I got a full size and four samples of the lip theory liquids to try out.

Where to Purchase: Life's Entropy
Price: $1.50 for a 1 gram sample, $8.00 for a full size of 10 grams
Do they test on animals?: The company does not.
Packaging: The samples come in centrifuge tubes, the full size comes in a squeeze tube with a nozzle tip. I really like how the lip theory samples are packaged, you get them in centrifuge tubes and it's brilliant for the product.


It's pretty apparent that these lip theory liquids are the company's take on OCC lip tars. Comparing the two, the lip theory liquids do have a similar consistency however they're not as runny as the lip tars. The lip theories start as a semi-glossy/satin finish and dry down to a semi-matte finish after about an hour. Like most liquidy lip products, I did find that these feathered on me. You can easily use an anti-feathering lip pencil to prevent feathering.

I personally don't consider these drying but it takes a lot for anything to dry out my lips so your experience may differ. Wear time depends on the shade. For Big Bang Theory, I can get 7-8 hours of great wear. For a lighter shade like Enzyme, the color tends to sink into my lip lines so I get only a few hours of good wear.

I highly suggest you apply these with a doe foot applicator instead of a brush; this way you get good coverage and it prevents you from applying too much product. With all the shades, less is more and thin layers are important to get it looking opaque. 

Arm Swatches:

I watched them on the arm so you can get another sense of the colors but included did lip swatches/full face photos below.

Lip Swatches and Full Face Photos:

The pictures were taken in indirect natural daylight with no flash. 



Apoptosis: Vibrant medium orange coral. This color will stain your lips. I really like the color  when swatched on my arm but I think it pulls extra bright on my lips. Apoptosis is mostly opaque but as a slight translucency to it. It is similar to Coralation (swatched below) but this is more red/pink compared to Coralation.

Big Bang Theory 


Big Bang Theory: Dark vampy red with slight brown undertones. This color will stain your lips. I'm in love with the vamp vibe I get off this color. It's worth wearing both ways as a stain on the lips and also built up to normal opacity. It's incredibly pigmented and doesn't sink into lip lines.



Coralation: A pressure sensitive light peach coral that turns medium coral when applied. Coralation applies darker than it appears in the tube. This color will stain your lips. Coralation is mostly opaque but as a slight translucency to it. This color is going to be reformulated after July 1st so if you like this shade, I'd suggest getting it now.



Enzyme: Pale peach-pink. Despite the beautiful color, I think this shade is too light for my complexion. After about 3 hours, i feel that it looks dry on the lips and requires a reapplication of color. Enzyme is mostly opaque but I do find that the color sinks into lip lines.



Quantum: A stark white. Quantum is a pigmented white but it's prone to sinking into lip lines. If you want it to look opaque-ish, you'll need to apply thin layers. If you press your lips together, it'll show lines on the lips. I also noticed some unblinded pigment in the product; it wasn't enough that it felt grainy but I noticed a few specks (and you might be able to see them in the lip swatch). I personally wouldn't wear this on its own but it's fabulous for mixing! I did notice a slight metallic scent to this.


These are fabulous lip products and truly inexpensive. You can get a huge variety of colors to sample too! One reason why I like the brand is because the product and swatch photography is really spot on. It is always difficult to shop sight unseen so it's reassuring that you're getting what you're seeing on the website. If you do want an alternative to OCC Lip Tars, you may love these. I love that you can purchase tubes to mix your own colors in, it makes it much more travel-friendly than regular lip tars.

Rating: A- (the feathering may be a deal breaker and some of the shades are only mostly opaque)

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