Life's Entropy Brow Theory Pomades - Swatch and Review

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Brow pomades and creams are the biggest thing to hit the market ever since Anastasia came out with their Dipbrow product. Sadly my brows and oily skin did not agree with the formula which had me seeking alternative brow products. One of my favorite indie brands came out with their version of a brow pomade and I decided to pick up a few samples to try out.
(I know, my photo makes it look lackluster but here's what the full size packaging looks like
life's entropy brow pomades packaging
Where to Purchase: Life's Entropy
Price: Full Size - $12.00 for 8 grams of product, Sample - $1.50 for .2 grams of product
Do they test on animals?: The company does not test on animals
Packaging: The samples come in plastic clamshells while the full size comes in a glass jar with a plastic top. I don't own the full size but the packaging does look very similar to the Anastasia Dipbrow packaging. I appreciate that the full sizes are in glass jars since that will help prevent it from drying out as quickly. 

From left to right: Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown

life's entropy brow theories (1 of 3)

Formula/Wear Time:

The consistency is between a cream and a gel. It's not a soft squishy gel like the Anastasia Dipbrow but it's not 100% a cream either. To me, it's drier than the Anastasia Dipbrow so you don't pick up as much product with a brush the way you do with the Anastasia Dipbrow. 

After wearing this for 8 hours, my eyebrows were looking good. I tried rubbing it off and it took a few tries before the product was completely gone. Compared to the Dipbrow, it fared so much better (the dip brow faded severely after 5 hours and was wiped away completely with no effort a few hours after that). I am super duper pleased with how this wore on me and my oily skin.


Light Brown is a shade lighter than Medium Brown and warmer, Medium brown is a shade lighter and ashier than Dark Brown, and Dark Brown is a shade darker than Medium Brown and a bit warmer (though not as warm as Light Brown). Even if you are a shade off, you can easily make it work by having a lighter hand and blending out the product with a spoolie.

I personally use Medium Brown since Light Brown is too warm and Dark Brown is too dark.


I'm able to use a synthetic angled brush (with shorter bristles and a thinner profile) to apply this onto my brow. It also blends out easily on my eyebrow hairs and where I don't have as much hair. 


If you like Anastasia's Dipbrow or even if you didn't, you may want to try out the Brow Theories. The formula lasts so much better on me than the Dipbrow every did. I also find it very easy to apply and it's not too wet/creamy like the Dipbrow. The Brow Theory Pomades also blends out well with a spoolie brush. You can get a fairly natural or dramatic look with this, it's versatile! It's very unique amongst the indie cosmetics world so I'm glad to see that this performs so well.

Rating: A

What are you currently using on your brows?

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