Forget the Emery Board and Czech Out These Mont Bleu Glass Files

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To continue with my posts on nail care, I thought I'd talk about the Mont Bleu Glass Nail files, which are my nail file of choice.  I came across glass nail files a few years ago and have since extolled the virtue of glass nail files over the usual cardboard or metal nail files. 

Crystal/glass nail files used to be a little expensive but this set of three only cost me $12 from Amazon (affiliate link). The set I got came in three sizes: a mini file for travel-use, a medium sized file for all-purpose use, and a large file for your feet. Each file came with a plastic holder and I also got two test tube style hard cases that will fit the mini and medium sized files in case I wanted to travel with them. The files also come in other colors and styles decorated with Swarovski crystals.

What makes glass files different? Glass files work well to shape and file your nails but it takes so little effort. The glass file is also so much more effective than emery and metal files for taking down length and it's so perfect for fine-tuning your edges. You won't be spending ages trying to file down your nails anymore. 

When I transitioned over to my stiletto nail shape, I only used my glass file to get clean edges. I've tried other glass files before and I swear the Mont Bleu ones are the best. The Mont Bleu ones are a little different than others since they're etched and not merely coated with grit. The Czechs really know how to make a glass nail file. I highly suggest investing in them (but just be careful how you store them so they don't break!).

Have you tried out crystal/glass nail files before?

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