May 2015 Indie Makeup | New Releases Recap

In an effort to show my support to the indie cosmetics community, I thought I'd try to do monthly (or as close to monthly) compilations of new or interesting indie releases from the month prior. This can include new product launches or collections from some of my favorite indie brands. Not every brand I like will release something every month so the series may be sporadic but I'll try to get one up each month as possible. I'm recapping three products from last month that you should check out for this month.

1. Darling Girl Cosmetics Honey Cake Wonder Wand Cream Eyeshadow. ($7.50) A cream eyeshadow in a beautiful peachy shade. Currently sold out but it should be in stock soon. 
2. Life's Entropy Cosmetics Constellation Galaxy Glow Illuminator. ($12.00) A liquid illuminator that's a mix of gold and pink, it suits my desire to be as glow as possible. 
3. Kiss My Sass Cosmetics Lip Addicts Anonymous. ($8.00 per month) A lip product subscription service, this fills the niche of indie consumers everywhere who have been wanting a sub box that's not eyeshadow based. Currently sold out but I wanted to have you guys be on the radar for when subscriptions open next month.

Did you guys try out anything next last month (doesn't have to be indie)? Feel free to share below!

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