Fyrinnae Haul and Swatches

Background: I've been a lurker of Fyrinnae for quite some time, back when they were named Bombshell Bath. They used to make perfume oils and such but are mainly in the business with vegan eyeshadows (at last check I believe they are all vegan but the site is closed for updates)

They do make other face products and by make, I mean they literally make them themselves. They're a very popular site, so popular that their Turn Around Time around the time I ordered was 16-20 business days. However, they are upfront about the fact that their TAT is long and they make many efforts to tell us the customer that.

I ordered on March 12 and I got it today, the 19th. I got a shipping notice on the 17th which had indicated that the USPS got the shipping info on the 15th. According to USPS, the shipping time would be 3 days.

So they got it done faaaaast. 4 business days worth fast.

My Haul: sample sizes of
Pixie Epoxy which I'll review later
Velvet Gel Silica Primer-face primer
Platinum eyeshadow- golden silver taupe with lots of shimmer and sparkle
Fluff Powder- diffusing powder for the face
Winter, Again eyeshadow- white/teal eyeshadow with rainbow sparkle/shimmer

Free sample of Otherworld eyeshadow-pale teal with blueish/teal shimmer

My haul in its entirety. I'll review everything later

Platinum, all the eyeshadow samples (minus the free one) are 1/4 tsp samples in 3 gram jars so it looks a lot fuller than it is.

Winter, Again which is not color accurate. More blue tinged but still whiteish.


The wee little pots of Pixie Epoxy and Velvet Gel Primer are adorable

Hope you enjoyed this post :D

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