Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner

I was looking for a cheap black gel or creme eyeliner, so I figured I'd start from the bottom up and try Wet n Wild.

Description- A black creme eyeliner that has a brush that comes along with it.

My Thoughts- It's very pigmented for a drugstore liner but I found it difficult to remove. It didn't work at all with Almay's Oil Free eye makeup remover but it does better with oilier/two part makeup removers.

It wears quite well but I don't like the packaging. It's plastic which makes me feel like it has dried out a lot faster than my other liners. The brush is worthless because I prefer to use a bent eyeliner brush.

It's 3.99 for 3.8 grams


It's a decent drugstore black creme eyeliner
It wears like no other
It's super cheap

A bitch to get off
Packaging is eh, but considering the price, not a surprise

Value- For 3.99, it can't really be beat.

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