All about Konad: Plates and sizes

When I got started with Konad, I originally had the small art stencils, which were just small images that I could put on my nails like flowers, leaves, etc. I'm going to post some swatches of the M2 and M3 plate eventually and you can see how small they are.

I sprung for my first full nail designs and I have to say, these suckers are really really small.

I mean I have small fingers, I think my ring size is 5, and if I think these are small, it must be small for the normal person.

That's 13mm

by 15mm

If you wanted to know, my nails are Sinful Colors in Rise and Shine with the lace and flowers full nail design from M71. That's definitely not color accurate, it's so much more green and neon.


  1. thats so interesting! so how exactly does those patterns transfer to your nails...i've never seen this before!

  2. Here's a really awesome link to a tutorial that explains it really well!

    The only thing I do different is scrape at an angle versus parallel and left to right


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