L'oreal go360 Clean Scrublet

Background:Today on my school campus, L'oreal Paris came and had their "The Go Beyond Clean" campus tour, where they had stations displaying their new go360Clean cleansers and other free swag. I got full sizes of the green gel cleanser and the orange exfoliating scrub.

I'm hesitant to really review the cleansers themselves because skincare is so subjective.

I do want to talk about the scrubbie thing though. It looks exactly like Soap and Glory's Face Massage Mini Mitt that I saw featured on Emma of Birds Decorate Branches's blog.

I got an extra green gel cleanser so I'll do a giveaway for that soon :)

The scrublet comes in colors that match the bottle. This one came with the gel cleanser.

It's actually a pretty nice scrubbie tool. When I saw it in stores, I thought it was made of plastic but turns out it's made of really soft rubber. It feels nice on the skin and in a sense, makes washing your face a bit more hygienic because instead of washing your face with your hands, you can use this. I do wash it afterward with hand soap to keep it a bit clean.

I kind of worry though because with the handle it almost feels like it could break from the rest of the base and I don't think it's all that well fitting between my fingers.

This is better than washing with my hands so I'll give them that. It's also good for exfoliation, but I think it might be much for those who have drier or sensitive skin because it might be too much for daily use. It is also very flexible, and I was able to scrub around the contours of my nose.

Cost-?/5 It comes with the cleanser so I can't comment on it
Effectiveness- 4/5 As an exfoliator it works and feels more effective than washing with my hands.
Packaging-5/5 I think it's pretty innovative to have it stuck into the cleanser bottle. It keeps dry and such.

Soft and flexible
I love that it sticks into the cleanser bottle
Works well, my face felt like a baby's butt afterwards

You'll have to buy the cleanser to get the scrublet
It could be too much exfoliation for daily use
I worry a bit about its longevity

Would I repurchase? If mine falls apart sure, but only if they sold it alone. I don't think I'm convinced that the cleansers are all that great


  1. How cool it is to have Loreal come to your campus! :p Yeah, same here w/the cleansers. They seem to always have new cleansers as if their old cleansers aren't that great that they have to keep coming out w/newer, hipper packaging. It all seems to be the same formula though.

  2. It was super awesome, a perk of going to college I suppose, haha

    Yeah, I've been trying it out for a little while but I think I'll be going back to my old cleanser.

    I actually got the scrub version of the cleanser too which to me, seems redundant because if the scrublet is supposed to exfoliate, isn't the scrub itself overkill? It smells nice at least :P


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