All about Konad: Special Polish

So if you weren't aware about Konad, it's this nail art stamping kit using engraved plates that you put polish on and then stamp on using a stamper to put the image on your nails.

It's very addicting by the way, I got a kit with 2 plates and I ordered 3 more after wards.

What I wanted to talk about today is the polish needed for stamping.

A lot of people use the Special Polish that they recommend you use as the polish for the image and some people say there are other alternatives. I'll say this, if you haven't ever used the Special Polish, you're fine without it; but once you have used the Special polish, it's difficult to go back to normal polish.

What makes the Special polish different is that it's intensely pigmented, a lot more than other polish brands. Some people have said that the polish is also a lot thicker, but I don't think mine is all that much thicker than normal polish.

Here's a list of polishes that have been said to work well for stamping

I have to say, the black special polish is really pigmented but man it's so messy and it stains my fingers like no other.

Hope this helps :)

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