Nail Polish Cleanup

Ever wonder why so many polish bloggers like Scrangie and Nihrida have that little space between the polish and their cuticles? That little space is called the "gap" and I don't mean the clothing company.

A lot of people already know about it but I just thought I'd go over it. A lot of people do this in order to make polish removal much simpler, especially for those who swatch several polishes in one day.

Lots of polish bloggers do this, I just listed a few of my favorites :)

If you want a tutorial on how to achieve the "gap" FaintlyMacabre on makeupalley has a tutorial in her notepad.

What I want to talk about today is a way to help clean up your gap plus a cool brush I found to do so.

Here's this cool tutorial on how to get a really nice cleaned up gap by Little Music Boxes. I saw it and went to get acetone and a proper brush.

This is a concealer brush by Studio Tools, which is the brand that Target has.

Note the super clearance stickers, 74 cents wooo

It's really small but thin enough to get around my cuticles. Pure acetone is best because it will work the fastest and evaporate quickly. I'd use it on day old manicures because it eats away at new polish too fast.

Hope this helps in your polish endeavors :D!

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