Interesting skin care effectiveness tip

I was watching one of my new favorite makeup gurus Gossmakeupartist (love the accent by the way plus he's not bad on the eyes ;) ) and I heard a really useful tip as to how to figure out if your skincare product is effective and properly working in terms of pH.

Certain skincare ingredients like Beta Hydroxy Acid and Alpha Hydroxy acid require a specific pH (around 3 or 4) in order to properly exfoliate the skin. Paula Begoun is the "cosmetics cop" and her book reviews sometimes go over products that have shoddy pH for the active ingredient it contains.

What Wayne (gossmakeupartist) suggested was that in order to figure out if your skincare product had the right pH for the active ingredient was to test it with litmus/pH paper. He also suggested going to cosmetic counters for prospective choices and doing the same there.

I don't know why this never occurred to me to do so but now I'm realizing that that's such a ingenious idea.


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