LGBT Spirit Day Outfit/Nails of the Day

Today was the day to wear purple to commemorate, honor and show support to those who have been victims of LGTBQ discrimination. If you wanted to get more information about this day and more, definitely go to the GLADD website.

It was cold and rainy out today but it then got hotter as the day went on. That's California weather for you.

Because it was cold I wore a dark blue jacket, black pants and grey ankle boots (only because my other good shoes were waterlogged from the thunderstorm yesterday). The jacket is from a mom&pop clothing store, pants from Urban Outfitters and the boots are from Forever 21

and underneath...

Power Rangers! The shirt is from Hot Topic and the purple stripes on the sleeves match my nail polish.
Nails are China Glaze Grape Pop, two coats with Seche Vite.

Did you wear purple today? If so, what did you wear?

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  1. Very fun t-shirt and your nail color reminds me of mine (err except Chanel is pricey) Great shade and will check out China Glaze!

    Thanks for entering the Sonia Kashuk giveaway and good luck!


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