Do you really need Konad polish for stamping?

When I worked at the fair selling Konad, I was always asked about whether you REALLY needed the Konad stamping polish. Now there are some great non-Konad polishes to stamp with (I love CG Milennium for silver chrome) but White I used to say you needed it. I want to really make a comparison between several polishes that have been touted as good for stamping.

This is part 1 of how ever many white polishes I can find.

All of the images were scraped with the plastic scraper and I never changed how I scraped it.

From Pinky to Pointer; Konad White, L.A. Colors White Art Deco, Wet N Wild French White Creme, Konad White again

* :( for short nails. I bit them off because I was so bored and sleepy in physics. That makes for a dangerous combination*

I stamped it on black because I figured that it would show off the differences better.

The Wet n Wild fared better than the L.A. Colors but I still like the Konad special polish better. Maybe I just got unlucky bottles but I don't think they compare.


  1. Thanks for the comparison! I don't have any Konad materials, but I'd like to get some, so it's good to know that there really is a difference in the polishes.

  2. @Zara

    You're welcome! I'm so tainted due to using the Konad Special polish first, I can't use any other kind

  3. Well, you were comparing "special polish" to the cheapest nail polish junk you can buy.

  4. @Callie I think you might have skipped over the part where I said that these polishes have been touted as being good and opaque enough to use as stamping polish. As you can see there is a difference which was my intention to show.


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