OPI Show it and Glow it! NOTD

Ahhh it's gorgeous, OPI doesn't do glitter polishes much but the ones that they do look amazing.

3 coats and there are still some spots on my pinky and index that aren't fully covered. *I revise to say that if you mix it around and are a little thicker on application, you shan't have any problems with opacity*. This kind of reminds me of OPI Mad as a Hatter without the dark grey tones in it.'

In terms of glitter density, it's a lot little sheerer than Absolutely Alice was as a glitter polish plus there were bigger pieces of glitter in the mix. I would have liked it to be as dense as AA but I can live with it. It looks infinitely better in person!


  1. Very pretty! I love all the glitters in this collection.

  2. @Zara

    Is it weird that I judged which one to get based on which ones were of low supply? I wanted to get only one so I picked this one because it was the last one :X

  3. @Lunatica

    It's amazing in the sun, I love that quality about glitters :)


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