Pay It Forward giveaway winner!

Sorry for not posting the winner yesterday, I went out with my boyfriend and some of our friends for a birthday party!

Off topic note, I met two signers yesterday, one at dinner and one at Barnes and Noble where we had hung out afterwards :) The person I signed with at dinner was learning ASL at a local high school which I was so happy about! We were showing each other different signs and stuff and it was adorable.

Adterwards, my friends and I decided to go to Barnes and Noble and our friend encountered some people signing and ran out to get my boyfriend and I so we could kind of just sign together. It was amazing and it made me realize that I so need to brush up on my sign language; we then got roped into going to a local Deaf Coffee Night so that's going to be exciting!

Back to the winner announcement, after 40 entries (and after several instances on miscounting) the winner is Liz from Liz Secret Rendevous! She actually has her own giveaway here which I'd love to enter but F21 doesn't make rings small enough for my fingers (I typically wear a size 4 or less)

I'm excited, it's my first international winner :) Thank you everyone for entering and for reading my blog!


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