BFTE Cosmetics The Wizard of Oz-Some Collection Swatches and Review

Here are swatches of the BFTE Wizard of Oz-Some collection. This retails for $60. You get 12 colors, some of which aren't available outside of the set. Normally each full size jar is $6.50 but you get a $1.50 discount by buying them in the set!

Swatches done over Coastal Scents Shadow Worx Matte Eye Primer and pictures were taken in daylight

Ruby Slippers, Courage, Yellow Brick Road, and Emerald City


Ruby Slippers- a glittery red that hints towards orange. It would be best over something like Pixie Epoxy

Courage- An almost coppery orange. It had an excellent texture with tons of shimmer.

Yellow Brick Road- It's a nearly matte banana yellow shadow with bits of tiny shimmer. I was rather surprised at how smoothly it blended.

Emerald City- It's a bright green with lots of sparkly bits. Very much similar in texture to Courage

My Pretty, No Place Like Home, Lollipop Kid, and Good Witch


This really shows off how much of a green sparkle My Pretty has.


My Pretty- A dark green mega glittery shadow, the sparkle is amazing but it would need to be used with a sticky base

No Place like Home- It's a medium sparkly blue, like the plaid that Dorothy wears.

Lollipop Kid- It's a nice magenta purple, I'm just eh about it. It certainly isn't a bad color but I personally don't like really purples of this tone.

Good Witch- I think this color is a bit too light for me but it would definitely work on others.

Have a Heart, If I Only Had a Brain, Way Up High, and Twister


If I Only Had a Brain- Hmm it's quite nice, definitely like hay. I'm kind of on the fence about it.

Have A Heart- An amazing gunmetal silver that has a slight blue tint to it.

Way Up High- Ahhh I love this, the nearly matteness lends itself to having excellent texture. I'm a bit surprised at how well it blended too! Although it looks stark white, it actually has a golden sheen to it.

Twister- This has a bit of a sticky texture which I noticed as I was swatching it, definitely not bad and makes me think it'll have a lot of staying power.

All in all, I think this would be great to invest in! The colors are nice and bright, I didn't have any texture issues with the mattes (in fact, I think they're one of the best matte shadows I've ever tried) and the glittery shades are gorgeous!

If I had to be nitpicky on something, it would have to be the amount given. It is specified to be between 1-3 grams and to me, that's a big number to vary between. I would rather know it's 2-3 versus 1-3.

The tin is of superior quality. The lid is on a hinge and there's a clear plastic window on the front so you can see all of your shadows. Sometimes it's a bit fiddly to get the shadows out but I really want to keep them in this tin.


  1. Yay! I'm glad you received it and liked it :)

  2. @Phyrra

    You've got good taste in picking prizes and mail systems :)


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